WWE TLC: Damien Sandow Vs. Big E Langston (WWE Intercontinental Title Match)

- We get more hype for tonight's title unification match.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Damien Sandow vs. Big E Langston

We go to the ring and out comes Damien Sandow with a public service announcement. He rips on Southern slang and says he is about to become our champion. WWE Intercontinental Champion Big E Langston is out next to not much of a reaction.

They lock up and both go for their finishers but have no luck. They go at it. Big E nails a huge back drop and throws Sandow out of the ring under the bottom rope. They meet on the floor and Big E runs over Sandow. Sandow sends Big E into the ring post and he goes down. Sandow brings Big E back in for a 2 count. Sandow drops right hands and an elbow for another pin attempt. Sandow with a headlock.

More back and forth. Sandow counters Big E and nails a big clothesline for another 2 count. Sandow is very aggressive tonight. Sandow drops the Elbow of Disdain and a knee drop before covering for 2. Sandow with another headlock. Big E comes back and runs over Sandow into the corner. Sandow comes right back with a dropkick for another 2 count. Sandow with a knee drop. Sandow with headbutts to the back as he takes Big E to the corner. Big E ends up dropping back and slamming Sandow with an electric chair. Big E with a pair of clotheslines and a belly-to-belly suplex. Big E with a splash to the back and another 2 count. Langston goes for the Big Ending but Sandow counters and drops him for a 2 count.

Sandow goes for You're Welcome but it's blocked. Sandow slides out of a Big Ending and rolls Big E up for 2. Sandow with more offense. They run the ropes and Big E runs over Sandow. Langston drops his straps and nails the Big Ending for the win.

Winner: Big E Langston


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