WWE TLC: John Cena Vs. Randy Orton (TLC Match For The Unified WWE Title)

- We get a "don't try this at home" promo and more from the announcers and then the pre-show panel. Foley predicts Cena will win while Booker goes with Orton.

- They air a video for tonight's main event.

TLC Match for the Unified WWE Title: John Cena vs. Randy Orton

We go to the ring and see both belts hanging high above the ring. Tables, ladders and chairs are all around the ring. Out first comes WWE Champion Randy Orton to mostly boos. World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is out next to a big mixed reaction. We get official ring introductions from Josh Mathews.

They lock up and go to the corner. Cena with a headlock now. Orton fights out but Cena drops him with a shoulder. Cena goes to the floor and grabs a table but Orton nails him from behind. Orton grabs a ladder and stands it up in the ring. Cena stops him and crashes the ladder into Orton, sending him over the top rope. Cena goes back to the table and slides it into the ring. Cena leans the table in the corner as Orton clutches his elbow. Cena goes for an Attitude Adjustment but Orton slides out. They attempt shots into the table but get blocked. Orton brings a chair into the ring and kicks the ladder out. Orton charges with the chair but Cena blocks it. Orton kicks him and nails him with the chair. Orton with chair shots to the gut now.

They go to the floor and Orton keeps control with the chair. Orton mocks Cena. Orton swings the chair but Cena ducks and Orton smacks the ring post. Cena grabs the chair and beats Orton with it now. Cena sets up a table on the floor. He tries to powerbomb Orton through it but Orton slides out. Orton sends Cena crashing into the steel steps. Orton goes back in the ring and stands the ladder up. Orton climbs the ladder but Orton stops him. Cena pulls Orton back down and they go at it. Orton with a dropkick. Orton with a kick to the gut and a headbutt. Orton keeps control and works Cena over. Cena fights back but Orton powerslams him.

Orton slides another chair and ladder into the ring. Cena hits Orton with the ladder and sets it up under the belts. Cena climbs the ladder but Orton stops him. Orton grabs the ladder and charges but Cena ducks it. Orton grabs the chair and cracks Cena in the back with it. Another big shot to the back from Orton. Orton exposes the turnbuckle now. Cena comes back with shoulder tackles and the big slam. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle but Orton kicks him in the face. Orton sends Cena head first into the corner where a steel chair is wedged. Orton brings a ladder back in the ring and climbs for the belts. Cena stops him once again and knocks Orton to the mat. Cena hits a Five Knuckle Shuffle from high on the ladder. Cena knocks Orton from the apron through a table on the floor, using a ladder. Cena sets the ladder up and climbs for the belts.

Cena grabs the belts but Orton rushes in at the last minute and nails a RKO. They trade shots on their way up now. Cena brawls back and clotheslines Orton over the top rope. Cena goes after him and slams him face first into the apron. Cena nails Orton in the face with the steel steps. Orton looks to be busted open. Orton gets up and Cena hits him in the head with the steps again. Cena brings a table into the ring and leans it in the corner. Cena goes back after Orton but Orton decks him in the head with a microphone. Cena goes down. Orton drops Cena onto the steel steps. Orton mounts Cena and wails away with microphone shots to the head. Orton takes apart the Spanish announce table now. Orton takes his time as Cena gets up. Orton goes for a punt kick but Cena moves. Cena puts Orton through the announce table with an Attitude Adjustment.

Cena crawls back into the ring and stands the ladder up. Cena is slow to climb but goes for the belts. Cena grabs the belts and tries to bring them down but Orton tips over the ladder. Cena is stuck hanging above the ring. Orton cracks him in the back with a chair, causing Cena to fall without the belts. Orton wails away with chair shots on Cena. Orton taunts Cena as he tries to get up. Cena rushes up out of nowhere and spears Orton through a table in the corner. Orton goes to the floor while Cena is down in the ring. Orton lifts up part of the floor mats and has a handcuff and chain hidden there. Orton cuffs Cena to the bottom rope. Cena recovers and is shocked. Orton enters the ring and taunts Cena with the cuff key. Orton tosses the key out into the crowd.

Cena tries to break the cuff chain while Orton walks up the ramp and grabs the tallest ladder there is. Cena watches as Orton stands the ladder up. Cena struggles with the cuff chain and unscrews the bottom rope from the turnbuckle. Cena meets Orton at the top of the ladder with the belts, bottom rope still hooked to him. Cena beats Orton in the head and knocks him to the mat. Cena is hung up on the loose bottom rope and has a problem getting the belts. Orton grabs the bottom rope and tries to pull Cena off the ladder with it. The ladder tips and Cena falls face first into a ladder. Orton stands the ladder back up and takes his time taking the belts down.

Winner and New Unified WWE World Heavyweight Champion: Randy Orton

- After the match, Orton celebrates with his belts. "No Chance" hits as Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon make their way out. Cena looks from outside the ring as Vince congratulates Orton. TLC goes off the air with the McMahons standing around Orton with his two titles.


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