Batista Flips Out On Fans After WWE Royal Rumble PPV, Mocks Daniel Bryan

Thanks to readers Ian West, Zach Picciarelli and Roland for sending in these post-Royal Rumble PPV notes:

Batista was legitimately upset after he won the Royal Rumble match tonight after the crowd turned on him.

On his way back up the ramp, Batista got into a verbal altercation with a disgruntled fan who flipped him off. Batista could be seen on the big screen telling the fan that he'd snap him in half and then flipped the fan off while still on the big screen. He then mockingly did the "Yes!" chant at the top of the ramp while fans peppered him with boos. However, instead of using his pointer fingers, he used his middle fingers and flipped the crowd off, as you can see in the photo above (thanks to Ian West for that pic).

You can check out a photo of Batista flipping the bird below (thanks to Zach Picciarelli for the pic):


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