Jesse Sorensen Talks Broken Promises From Dixie, TNA Salary, Late Checks, Stars Working Other Jobs

As noted earlier, Jesse Sorensen did a revealing with Danny Cage's Monster Factory, which you can check out here. Here are some highlights:

- Jesse tells a story about a debter calling him for a payment of $50,000. He told the lady on the phone that he thought that the company was paying for it, and she had no idea what he was talking about.

- Dixie Carter and Bruce Prichard told him to send the bills to the office, which he did. But they kept getting sent back to him and his mom. His mom ended up losing her restaurant after filing bankruptcy when all was said and done.

- Says he was paid decently, around $30,000 a year. But it didn't come close to covering the medical bills. He says his checks were always late too. He also notes he had two other jobs during this time – waiting tables and managing a gym.

- He mentions that the restaurant he worked at was right next to Hogan's Beach Shop. It was embarrassing because wrestling fans would be there and notice him there and ask why he was waiting tables.

- Notes that most people in TNA had second jobs and most found that their "shoot" jobs paid better. Jesse says Dixie's excuse for the terrible pay is that people are "starting out," but Jesse doesn't feel people working for the No. 2 company in the world should have to work two or three jobs to get by.

- He gets annoyed when people assume he was making a fortune with TNA because he wasn't and needed three jobs to get by, deal with his medical bills, etc.

- When the firings started happening, Jesse recalls sitting in catering with the Hebners, and saying he was worried he'd get fired. They assured him TNA would never fire him due to all the bad press they'd get.

- Mentioned when Kurt Angle came to see him in the hospital, Kurt told that he'd back in the ring in 4 months. Jesse pointed out that was unrealistic since he could barely move and wasn't even sure he'd be able to have a normal life again, let alone wrestle. Kurt told him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get his ass up. Jesse was able to walk again for the first time later than afternoon.

- He said that he doesn't talk with Zema Ion anymore, but there's no animosity there. Says he'd be open to a rematch on the indie scene, but TNA would have to be willing to let Ion work an iPPV. He seemed annoyed that Ion didn't call him for months and months after the injury, but thinks it was probably due to guilt.