Jim Ross Blogs On The Drama Of Professional Wrestling, Will He Ever Do A Shoot Interview?

- WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross has published a new blog entry on JrsBarBq.com. Here are a few highlights:

Drama in professional wrestling: The more I read online about the daily drama in various pro wrestling organizations makes me happy that I'm not engaged full time in that world. Don't get me wrong, I will always be a fan and support the genre but dealing with today's athletes is a taxing, never ending saga. It was somewhat simpler in the old days but certainly far from not having issues in which to address.

I'm of the belief that many of today's issues have to do with the generation that many of the talents have grown up in and how they have been parented.

Sports and entertainment both have a couple of giant issues in common....they are besieged by athlete/performer paranoia and insecurities. That comes with entering into a world with not an overabundance of career opportunities such as the territory days of wrestling for example.

Shelf lives in both sports and entertainment are usually short...every one has an expiration date included in their DNA but most don't want to admit it. I often wonder what many of today's in ring performers will do once it's all over. Unfortunately, most feel confident in only one aspect of their professional life and that's in the ring and performing on a wrestling TV show.

That's truly sad and unfortunate. It's also a management issue because when talents get the feeling of desperation in their minds regarding their chosen field of endeavor, they often times make regrettable mistakes and become even harder to manage.

No individual, no matter their status in life including their financial situation, can afford to live without a viable, realistic Plan B.

It's too bad that most performers don't see the reality of Plan B's until it's late in the game and one's options are lessened.

If he will do a shoot interview: To answer an often received question, I am NOT considering doing any "Shoot" interviews for DVD release for a variety of reasons. Firstly, I cover many of the topics one would be asked in these productions in RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross shows. Secondly, I don't care to address 'dirt oriented' questions that can embarrass people's families, etc. Lastly, the fees offered are generally low and not worth the time invested to do them.

Source: JR's BBQ


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