Jim Ross Confirms Project, Tara On If WWE Network Affects Her Business, Non-Twitter Ryback News

- Jim Ross confirmed that his new podcast will start in February on Podcast One. Episodes will be available on Wednesdays.

- Ryback will be appearing at the Slacker's Music, Movies & Games at the South County Mall in St. Louis, MO this Friday at 3:00 p.m., ahead of that evening's WWE live event at Scottrade Center.

- The Chicago Tribune has an article here about former WWE Diva & TNA Knockout Lisa Marie Varon, f.k.a. Victoria and Tara, who runs The Squared Circle in Lincoln Park, IL. Varon was asked if the WWE Network will affect her business, since her restaurant airs WWE pay-per-views and has to turn away people on PPV Sundays.

"I am ecstatic to hear the news about the WWE Network for many reasons," Varon said. "People don't come to The Squared Circle because they can't get WWE programming in their home. They come to The Squared Circle to share the experience with fellow wrestling fans. It's the reason a University of Michigan fan, for example, goes to a U of M bar to watch a U of M football game."

Varon added that she is looking forward to seeing her old matches on the Network that she "may or may not remember."


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