More On Ultimate Warrior's Odd Message, Former WWE Diva Says She's Retiring, MVP News

- The comments from The Ultimate Warrior from earlier were actually a response to Jake Roberts' knocking him in a new interview we published [link] on Monday. If you missed it this morning, here's what Warrior wrote about Jake:

"Question for former talents now "hypocrite" born-again Christians. Where do we go to find you practicing the beliefs of Christianity? Hell? One a-hole instills honor and pride, The other horror and pity, One grows wise on great stories. One reads bathroom stalls and still grovels"

Here is what Jake said of Warrior's Hall of Fame induction:

"Like you know, what the hell man; Koko B. Ware's there [in the Hall of Fame] and I'm not? Are you serious? Geez. Warrior? Christ, man. That really hurts... but maybe they're taking in assholes and not great talent. I don't know."

- Former WWE Diva Jillian Hall says she is retiring from in-ring wrestling. She tweeted on Monday night:

"Sooooo...I'm thinking I'm pretty much retired from in ring wrestling. If I did 1 more, it'd be to face either @RealMelina or @MickieJames"

- Former WWE star MVP has released a new song called "I Know" with Dwane Sweazie and Mickael. You can listen below:


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