NFL Punter Looking At WWE Career, Triple H On What He Looks For In Recruits

Yahoo! Sports has an article about Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee eying a possible WWE career once his NFL days are over. McAfee actually has a match under his belt, as he faced "War Pig" at an independent show in West Virginia in 2009, which you can watch above. McAfee's former Colts teammate Tom Pestock wrestles in NXT as Baran Corbin, and said that McAfee had discussed entering the business in the future.

"We talked about how much we enjoyed watching it and what we loved about it," Pestock said. "We just told each other it was something we wanted to get to when that path ended... I'm sure he'll try to do something when he's done."

The article also contains quotes from Triple H. McAfee noted that he modeled his personality after The Rock, and Triple H talked about the importance of charisma in his recruits.

"I will take someone with charisma and desire over anything else," said Triple H. "It's hard to teach someone how to be charismatic. You ever met that person who has something about them?Visit Wrestling Inc. That's the biggest factor, I think. Nobody pays to just see a wrestler. You pay to see superstars."

You can check out video below of McAfee delivering a Stone Cold Stunner in the Colts' locker room.


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