Sound Off: Were Fans Justified In Hijacking Tonight's WWE Royal Rumble PPV?

Tonight's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view is now in the books. If you were to watch the show on mute, there is a good chance that you would give tonight's event a thumbs up. However, the fans hijacked the show and were extremely vocal with their frustration about how the company used Daniel Bryan.


The opening match of the card saw Bray Wyatt defeat Daniel Bryan in what was easily not only the best match on the show, but was also the best match of Wyatt's career. Things got bad during the John Cena – Randy Orton WWE Championship match, as fans completely crapped on the bout and spent most of their time chanting about anything other than the match. Some of the chants included: "Daniel Bryan," "We want refunds," "Randy Savage," "Boring" and "This is awful!"

As for the Rumble match itself, fans completely turned on the match when Rey Mysterio came in at #30, thinking that Bryan would be coming in. The audience pretty much booed Mysterio out of the building and popped big for his elimination. After realizing that Batista was going to win the match, they turned on him and cheered Roman Reigns when they were the last two left in the Rumble. After Batista won, fans continued to heavily boo Batista.


On one hand, it seemed appropriate for fans to turn on the company with the way they have been booking Bryan, who has consistently been the most over performer since last summer. On the other hand, Bryan was never advertised for the Royal Rumble match, and WWE never even hinted at him being in it.

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