– In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, The Bella Twins said they have been pushing WWE to introduce Diva tag team titles for years. Nikki Bella said:

“We’re all so talented and creative and it’d be great to show that in a new way.”

– Former WWE star Shelton Benjamin says he’s taking time off from the ring to repair an injury and won’t be in WWE’s Royal Rumble match this year. He tweeted on Saturday:

“As of tonight Im taking time off from wrestling to take care of a long neglected medical issue. So I assure you all I will not be at the R.R”

“Basically I have a pinched Ulner nerve in my elbow that causes lose of sensation,motor function, muscle atrophy & eventually use of my hand”

“So before things get bad i gotta take quick pause. But after 12 years and no major injuries proWrestling this I consider very minor”