Tyson Kidd Knocks Spirit Squad Members, WWE-Netflix Content Update, Honky Tonk Man

- Tyson Kidd took a shot at the members of WWE's Spirit Squad today on Twitter. When Tommy Dreamer tweeted that Kidd and Natalya looked like they were re-forming the Spirit Squad, Kidd replied:

"such a great run the first time I think it's ok not to revisit it. Only 1 of them hasn't gone off the deep end"

Kidd was likely referring to Dolph "Nicky" Ziggler with the last sentence.

- It's interesting to note that part of WWE's recent Triple H DVD has been added to Netflix. WWE content is expected to be removed from Netflix and other similar platforms once the Network launches.

- WWE's shop website has released a new t-shirt for The Honky Tonk Man at this link. Also, through the end of the month you can take $10 off orders of $70 or more with code WWESAVE10 by clicking here.


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