WWE Smackdown Recap: Cody And Goldust Vs. Outlaws, Punk Calls Out Shield And Outlaws, More

This week's Smackdown opens with the New Age Outlaws making their entrance. The Miz, JBL, and Michael Cole are on commentary.

The New Age Outlaws vs. Cody Rhodes and Goldust

Goldust and James start off. James backs Goldust into the corner. Goldust hits a strike to the face. James offers to shake Goldust's hand, and instead attacks him. Goldust comes back with mounted punches in the corner. James tosses him off. Goldust hits a back elbow. Gunn tags in. He stops Goldust from tagging Cody. Goldust backdrops Gunn to the outside. Gunn rolls back in and tags in James. James tries to hit Cody, but Cody strikes him. Goldust hits James with his scoop powerslam. Cody and Gunn tag in. Cody hits multiple clotheslines. He takes it to Gunn. James tries to get involved. Cody hits both of them with a dropkick at the same time. Cody goes for the pin on Gunn, but James breaks it up. Goldust clotheslines James to the outside.

Gunn hits Cody with a big boot. He goes for the famouser, but Cody moves. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes, but Gunn moves. Gunn slams Cody to the mat. He goes for the famouser again, but Cody hits the disaster kick. Vickie Guerrero comes out on the stage with a mic. She reminds everyone that the Royal Rumble is happening in nine days, and it will be every man for himself, even brother against brother. Gunn rolls Cody up off the distraction for the win.

Winners: The New Age Outlaws

Then, Renee Young is backstage with CM Punk. She has heard rumors that Punk is going to call out the Shield. Punk says that the rumor is right, and that's exactly what he's going to do.

Then, Paul Heyman is shown walking backstage as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Paul Heyman comes down to the ring. He picks up a mic. He says it's a shame he has to drag himself to Smackdown, but he has to address the smear campaign directed at Lesnar about Big Show tossing him across the ring. It's a conspiracy that his client has been subjected to since day one. Lesnar got into a fight with the world's strongest man and afterwards, he was attacked by the Big Show. Show gave the misleading impression that he could be dominant over Lesnar. He says that Big Show is over seven feet tall and over 400 pounds, but at Royal Rumble, Lesnar will conquer him. Heyman says that he has been through many wars, but all with Lesnar by his side. He will fear no evil, because Lesnar walks with him. Show may try and push around Colter, but he wouldn't try that with him. It's not because Show sweats him, but because he sweats whom Heyman is with.

Big Show's music hits and he walks down to the ring. Heyman yells at Show to stop. Big Show runs into the ring, and Heyman runs out into the crowd. Show asks where he's running, and says he thought Heyman feared no evil. Show knows that he and Lesnar both are afraid, and shows footage of him tossing Lesnar across the ring. Show says he was a Heyman guy before it was cool, and he knows that Heyman is scared and lying. He says that at Royal Rumble, he's knocking Lesnar out. His music hits and he stares down Heyman.

Then, Eva Marie announces Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio will be next as things head to commercial.

Back from commercial and Alberto Del Rio is in the ring.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio

Mysterio takes up the mic before the match and says he can see in Del Rio's eyes he is worried about Batista returning to RAW on Monday. Instead, he should be worried about him tonight. Del Rio attacks Mysterio with kicks and strikes. He tries to kick Mysterio against the ropes, but Mysterio moves and Del Rio crashes outside. Mysterio dives outside onto Del Rio. Del Rio goes back inside. Mysterio goes up top, and Del Rio stops him, leaving him hanging in the corner. He kicks Mysterio in the chest as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Mysterio hits Del Rio with a seated Senton from up top. He hits Del Rio into 619 position with a hurricanrana. Mysterio charges, and Del Rio counters into a backbreaker. He headbutts Mysterio. Mysterio comes back with a kick to the face. Mysterio goes up top again. Del Rio knocks him off via an enziguri. Del Rio signals for the cross armbreaker, but Mysterio shoves him away. Mysterio hits a tornado DDT from up top. Del Rio tries to lock in the cross armbreaker again, but Mysterio rolls through it and hits Del Rio to the ropes. He hits Del Rio with the 619 and goes up top. Mysterio leaps off, and Del Rio puts his boots up. Del Rio goes for an enziguri. Mysterio dodges and rolls Del Rio up for the win.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Alberto Del Rio attacks Mysterio after the match. He locks in the cross armbreaker and the ref tries to break it. Del Rio breaks it and rolls outside.

Back from commercial and the Funkadactyls make their entrance.

Naomi (with Cameron) vs. Tamina Snuka (with AJ Lee)

Snuka takes Naomi to the ropes. She shoves Naomi over them to the outside. Snuka follows and sends Naomi back inside. She lifts Naomi up and drops her chest first to the mat. Snuka gets behind Naomi and pulls her head and neck back. Naomi crawls to the ropes. Snuka slingshots her between the bottom and middle rope. She whips Naomi into the corner. Naomi comes back via kicks to the gut. She hits Snuka with a heel kick. Naomi drives Snuka butt first to the mat. AJ Lee gets up on the apron. Naomi approaches, and AJ drops down. Cameron attacks AJ. Back in the ring, Naomi rolls up Snuka, and Snuka kicks out. Naomi hits an enziguri, and follows up with a moonsault for the win.

Winner: Naomi

Then, a video tribute to Mae Young is shown.

Back from commercial and the matches between the Usos and the Wyatt Family from RAW are recapped.

Then, the Wyatt Family comes out to the ring. Bray takes up a mic. As a child, he wanted nothing more in life than to be powerful like his father. He did his best to appease him and be just like him, but it was never good enough. He was never there for him. Bray's father betrayed him and cast him out to walk amongst the sheep, like the people in the crowd.

As he lay there, gasping for air and calling for help, Sister Abigail saved him. She sang to him the sweetest songs he's ever heard. She told him that on his path to righteousness and purity, he would be deceived again. When Bryan attacked him, he knew what she was talking about. He had to sacrifice himself so that he may be resurrected into the creature he was born to be. He asks if Bryan thinks he could hurt him. He's already dead. He says that Daniel Bryan was given every chance to walk with the reapers. He drops to his knees and says follow the buzzards.

Next, Renee Young is backstage with CM Punk. She says that now she hears Punk wants to call out the New Age Outlaws. She asks whom he's calling out, and he says he's calling out both the Shield and the Outlaws. She asks if it's career suicide and he says no, it's a gift.

Back from commercial and the Bella Twins announce Big E. Langston vs. Fandango.

Big E. Langston vs. Fandango

Fandango knees Langston in the stomach. Langston hits a backbreaker. Fandango goes outside for a breather. Fandango rolls back inside and strikes and kicks Langston. Langston lands a shoulder tackle. He spears Fandango in the corner. Langston charges again, and Fandango puts his knees up. He sends Langston out of the ring and pulls his arm into the post. Fandango tosses Langston into the barrier. He sends Langston back in the ring. Fandango drops knees on Langston's arm. He locks Langston's arm in. Langston gets out. Fandango hits a dropkick. He locks Langston's arm back in. Langston fights out again and tosses Fandango outside. Fandango rolls back in, and Langston hits clotheslines. He hits Fandango with a belly-to-belly Suplex and a running splash. Langston picks Fandango up for the big ending. Fandango gets out and leaps off the top rope. Langston hits Fandango in the mid section in mid air, and follows up with a running body block. Langston hits the big ending for the win.

Winner: Big E. Langston

Then, the Ultimate Warrior's Hall of Fame video is shown, and things go to commercial.

Back from commercial, and the Shield is backstage with Renee Young. Young asks about their plan to remain as a unit in the Royal Rumble match. Ambrose says the real question is how everyone else will be against them. He says they're all on the same page. Young asks Ambrose if it came down to it, would he toss Rollins over the top rope. They all start arguing about how they'd eliminate each other if it comes down to it. Then, Reigns says that one of them is winning the Rumble, but they'll still be a unit afterwards.

Next, the WWE Network is recapped. Then, Aksana announces the Usos vs. The Real Americans after the commercial break.

Back from commercial, and footage from Randy Orton vs. Kofi Kingston from RAW is shown.

The Usos vs. The Real Americans

Cesaro and Swagger bring Colter down to the ring in a wheelchair and a neck brace because of Big Show's attack on him on Monday. Colter picks up a mic and says it's not funny. He's in pain because of a bully named the Big Show. He hopes Brock Lesnar treats him the same way he treated him.

Swagger and Jimmy start off. Swagger takes him to his corner. Cesaro tags in and rams his shoulder into Jimmy's gut. Swagger tags back in and knees Jimmy in the gut. Cesaro tags back in. He kicks Jimmy in the stomach. Swagger tags in. Jimmy fights back, but Swagger is able to put him down long enough for Cesaro to tag in. He gets a cover attempt on Jimmy. Cesaro hits multiple strikes and uppercuts in the corner. He kicks Jimmy as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Cesaro is in control of Jimmy. He hits Jimmy with the Cesaro Swing. Swagger tags in. He slams Jimmy to the mat with a belly-to-belly Suplex. Swagger locks in Jimmy's head and arm. He knees Jimmy in the gut. Jimmy fights out and kicks Swagger in the face. He hits Cesaro off the apron and goes up top. He leaps off and takes Swagger out. Jimmy tags in Jey. Jey takes it to Swagger. He hits Swagger with a flying shoulder tackle and the corner hip attack. Jey goes for a super kick, but Swagger catches his foot. Jey hits a Samoan drop. Cesaro breaks up the pin attempt. Cesaro kicks Jimmy off the apron, and Jey knocks Cesaro to the outside. Swagger locks Jey in the Patriot lock. Jimmy Superkicks Swagger to break the hold.

Jimmy and Cesaro start fighting. They end up brawling on the outside. Jimmy rolls Colter into Cesaro. Back in the ring, Jey slams Swagger to the mat and tags in Jimmy. Jimmy hits a splash on Swagger from up top for the win.

Winners: The Usos

Back from commercial and CM Punk comes out to call out the Shield and the New Age Outlaws. He picks up the mic and says that he is out there because unlike the authority, he isn't a coward. He says he isn't an idiot. He knows that if he calls out the people he wants to, he's going to get slaughtered. When he talks, he tells the truth. People listen, and that's real power, so the authority wants to shut him up. When he says the authority, he specifically means Triple H. Triple H uses his power to satisfy his ego and personal agenda.

The Shield's music hits, and they come down to the ring. They surround the ring, and the New Age Outlaws music hits. They come down and surround the ring as well. They all get on the apron. Then, Kane's pyro hits and he walks down to the ring yelling stop. He tells everyone to stand down. Kane gets in the ring. He says the authority doesn't want it to be this way. He says there has been a misunderstanding. Punk's anger is misplaced and his paranoia is getting the better of him.

The authority wants Punk to main event Wrestlemania, which is why they entered him in the Rumble. Kane says that the authority has made his main objective to treat Punk with the respect he deserves, and to make sure he is treated fairly. Punk has his word.

Kane gets out of the ring to leave. Punk says Kane's word is nothing coming from a seven feet tall sell out suck up. Kane turns around and tells everyone to get him. Punk lunges at several people on the apron, and Kane attacks him from behind and hits a chokeslam. He stands over Punk as the show ends.


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