WWE Smackdown Recap With Video: The Shield Vs. Sheamus, Mysterio, And Bryan, EC Qualifiers, More

This week's episode of Smackdown opens with a recap of the opening to RAW, and then a recap of the six man main event.

Then, the Shield come out and cut a promo. They fight amongst each other, and Ambrose and Reigns end up getting in each other's faces. Rollins breaks them up, and says that they should be focusing on the Wyatt Family. They're the reason they're not in the Elimination Chamber. They have to be dealt with. Ambrose says that if the Wyatts want a new world, they'll give it to them and wipe the Wyatts off the face of the Earth. He challenges the Wyatt Family.

Vickie Guerrero comes out and says it was a good idea. Triple H comes down to the ring and tells them that they're right, but they need to let it go. Reigns doesn't want to and gets in Triple H's face. Triple H says if that's what they want, he might as well profit from it. He makes the Wyatts vs. the Shield at Elimination Chamber.

JBL and Michael Cole are on commentary.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Dolph Ziggler vs. Antonio Cesaro

Cesaro lands a dropkick. They exchange roll up attempts. Ziggler lands the famouser. Cesaro rolls outside. Ziggler follows and chases Cesaro. He hits Cesaro in the head and sends him back inside. Ziggler gets inside, and Cesaro lands a backbreaker. Cesaro tosses Ziggler behind him. Ziggler fights back with head strikes, but Cesaro clotheslines him over the top rope.

Back from commercial and Cesaro has Ziggler's head locked in. Ziggler breaks free and hits a dropkick. Cesaro comes back with a pair of elbows. Ziggler locks in his sleeper hold. Cesaro fights him off and lands a Gutwrench Suplex. Cesaro goes for his pop up uppercut, but Ziggler counters into a DDT. Cesaro does the Cesaro swing, and then follows up with the Neutralizer for the win.

Winner and in the Elimination Chamber match: Antonio Cesaro

Fandango vs. Xavier Woods

Fandango hits a shoulder tackle. Woods lands a dropkick. He sweep kicks Fandango. Fandango kicks Woods and stomps him in the head. Woods comes back with head punches. He hits Fandango with an elbow and a dropkick. Fandango comes back and is able to pick up the win.

Winner: Fandango

Fandango tries to attack Woods after the match, but Truth makes the save.

Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. Prime Time Players

Axel and Young start off. Axel takes control early. Ryback tags in, and Young lands several strikes to the head. He tosses Young outside. Axel tries to attack Young on the outside, but Young stops him. Ryback hits the meat hook clothesline when Young gets back in. Axel tags in and hits his finisher for the win.

Winners: Curtis Axel and Ryback

Titus O'Neil gets in the ring and he's upset with Young for losing so quickly. Young picks up the mic and asks what he's doing. He says they're like brothers. Titus says they're not a family. Ever since he partnered with him, he's been a loser. He didn't come to the WWE to be a loser. He came to be the man and a champion. Titus says he's getting rid of the dead weight on his back. He big boots Young and then strikes and kicks him on the mat and out of the ring. Titus follows and slams him into the barrier twice.

Then, Jake the Snake Roberts's Hall of Fame video is shown.

Back from commercial and a promo for Alexander Rusev is shown.

Elimination Chamber Qualifier
Christian vs. Jack Swagger

Swagger charges Christian and strikes him in the corner. Christian leaps off up top for a crossbody, but Swagger catches him and tosses him to the outside. Swagger goes outside and hits Christian with a running knee against the barrier. Swagger locks in Christian's waist. Swagger yells at Christian in the corner, and Christian hits a pair of face strikes. Swagger comes back with the Swagger bomb. Swagger steps on Christian's mid section. He repeatedly knees Christian in the stomach. Swagger sets Christian up top. He climbs up, and Christian punches him off. He hits Swagger with a big DDT from up top. Christian drop toe holds Swagger into the ropes, drops to the floor, and punches his face. He hits Swagger with a missile dropkick.

Christian goes up top and hits Swagger with a back elbow. Swagger hits a Gutwrench powerbomb. Swagger goes for another Swagger bomb, and Christian puts his boots up. Christian tries for the killswitch, but Swagger counters out and locks in the patriot lock. Christian gets out. Swagger charges, and Christian moves. Swagger collides with the turnbuckle. Christian goes up top. Swagger follows, and Christian shoves him off. Christian hits a frog splash for the win.

Winner and final entrant in the Elimination Chamber match: Christian

Back from commercial and Renee Young welcomes Christian back to the WWE. She asks how he feels to have earned a spot in the Chamber. He says he earned it, like everything else in his career. He says he realizes that the other men in the Chamber are going to be tough. He realizes that the window of opportunity to win the title and headline Wrestlemania is starting to close for him. He says he's desperate, and he hopes the other five men mistake it for weakness. He will use the desperation to be the most dangerous Christian he's ever been.

Damien Sandow vs. Kofi Kingston

Kofi locks in Sandow's waist. Sandow knees Kofi and lands a Russian leg sweep. Kofi comes back with body kicks. Sandow hits a big knee to the gut. He locks Kofi in an abdominal stretch. Kofi tosses him off. He kicks Sandow in the chest. Kofi hits a dropkick. Kofi goes for a crossbody from up top, but Sandow moves. Kofi goes for a kick, but Sandow moves. Sandow goes for his straightjacket neckbreaker, but Kofi fights out and hits the SOS for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Back from commercial and the in ring segment between Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, Brad Maddox, Batista, and Randy Orton is recapped. This is followed by a recap of Lesnar's interruption of the tag team title match later in the evening.

Then, Michael Cole's weekly interview of Triple H is shown. Triple H says that Goldust and Cody Rhodes will get another rematch in a steel cage this Monday.

Cody Rhodes (with Goldust) vs. Road Dogg (with Billy Gunn)

They lock up. Cody backs James into the corner. Cody lands a clothesline. Cody rolls outside and talks with Goldust as James talks with Gunn. Cody gets back inside and locks in James's arm. James escapes and wraps Cody's arm around the top rope. He takes Cody to another corner and does it again. James locks in Cody's arm and slams him to the mat. James slams Cody arm first into the corner. He kicks Cody in the arm and then locks it back in. Cody comes back with a pin attempt. They both go for a shoulder tackle and knock each other down. Cody hits a pair of clotheslines and a leaping knee. He punches James in the face and hits a missile dropkick. Gunn and Goldust start fighting on the outside. Gunn hits a clothesline and gets up on the apron. Cody kicks him off. James goes for a rollup, but Cody kicks out. Cody then hits James with the disaster kick for the win.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

After the match, everyone starts fighting again. Cody Rhodes and Goldust end up the coming out on top.

Back from commercial and a preview for The Monday Night War show on the WWE Network is shown.

Then, the Shield is shown standing in the ring for their match. The Wyatt Family appears onscreen and Bray cuts a promo about the Shield's challenge.

Rey Mysterio, Sheamus, and Daniel Bryan vs. The Shield

Sheamus and Rollins start off. They tie up and Sheamus takes Rollins to the mat. Sheamus hits a huge shoulder tackle. Reigns tags in. They circle around each other. Reigns locks in a side headlock. Reigns lands a shoulder tackle. He kicks Sheamus in the stomach. Reigns strikes and kicks Sheamus in the corner. Sheamus comes back with a huge clothesline. He kicks Reigns in the back. Reigns punches Sheamus in the face and Ambrose tags in. He hits Sheamus with multiple strikes, kicks, and headbutts in the corner. Ambrose whips Sheamus, and Sheamus clubs him in the back. Sheamus slams Ambrose onto the ropes and knees him in the face. He weaves Ambrose in the ropes and clubs his chest ten times. Sheamus hits Reigns and Rollins off the apron as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Bryan has Rollins locked in a submission. Rollins gets out, and Mysterio tags in. He kicks Rollins in the head. Rollins comes back with a kick. He charges Mysterio in the corner, but Mysterio puts his boots up. Mysterio lands a hurricanrana. He tries for 619, but Ambrose tags in. He slams Mysterio face first to the mat. Reigns tags in. He tosses Mysterio outside. Reigns follows and tosses Mysterio into the barrier. He sends Mysterio back inside. Rollins tags in. He stomps on Mysterio's back. Rollins chokes Mysterio on the center rope. He snapmares Mysterio and drops a knee on him.

Rollins locks in Mysterio's head from behind. He sets Mysterio up top and clubs him in the back. Rollins climbs up, and Mysterio hits him off. He hurricanranas Rollins headfirst into the turnbuckle. Bryan and Reigns tag in. Bryan kicks Ambrose off the apron and takes it to Reigns. He hits Reigns with a flying clothesline. Bryan kicks Reigns in the chest several times. Reigns charges, and Bryan pulls the top rope down, sending Reigns outside. He takes Reigns out with a dive. Then, he gets back in the ring, ducks a shot from Rollins, and takes out Ambrose with a dive.

Back in the ring, Sheamus hits Rollins with a backbreaker. He kicks Rollins out. Reigns gets in, and hits Sheamus with the Superman punch. Bryan hits Reigns with a missile dropkick and locks in the yes lock. Ambrose breaks up the pin. Sheamus pulls him outside, and Ambrose shoves him into the turnbuckle. Sheamus comes back and hits him with the Brogue kick. Back in the ring, Bryan tags in Mysterio. Mysterio hits Reigns with a top rope seated senton. He kicks Reigns onto the ropes for 619. Mysterio dropkicks Rollins off the apron. Bryan hits Rollins with a flying knee to the head from the apron. Mysterio kicks Reigns back into 619 position, but as he runs across the ring, Reigns gets up and spears Mysterio for the win.

Winners: The Shield


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