WWE Superstars Recap: 3MB Vs. Sin Cara And Los Matadores, Brie Bella Vs. Alicia Fox, More

This week's episode of Superstars opens with the Bellas making their entrance. Tom Phillips and Alex Riley are on commentary.

Brie Bella (with Nikki Bella) vs. Alicia Fox (with Aksana)

They circle around each other. Brie trips Fox and locks in a single leg Boston crab. Fox gets out. They circle each other again, and Brie flips Fox to the mat. Fox pushes Brie. Brie battles back with strikes to the head. Fox tosses Brie outside. Fox reaches through the ropes to grab Brie, but she slaps Fox in the face and gets back inside. Fox hits a backbreaker. Fox lands a northern lights Suplex. She punches Brie against the ropes and flips her over her shoulder. Fox locks in Brie's head from behind on the mat. Brie gets to her feet and escapes, but Fox hits a clothesline. She locks Brie's head back in. Fox rams Brie into the corner and drives her shoulder into Brie's stomach. Fox puts her knee in Brie's back and pulls her arms backwards. Brie flips Fox off of her and lands multiple dropkicks.

Fox rolls to the outside, and Brie pulls her back in. Brie hits several knees to the face and plants Fox face first to the mat. She goes up top, and Aksana gets on the apron and yells at her. Fox pulls Brie off due to the distraction. Then, Nikki attacks Aksana on the outside and tosses her into the barrier. She hits Aksana with her rack backbreaker. Brie hits Fox with a knee to the jaw back in the ring, followed by her sitout facebuster for the win.

Winner: Brie Bella

Back from commercial and Batista's return encounter with Randy Orton from RAW is shown.

Then, the encounter between Big Show and Brock Lesnar from Raw is shown.

Sin Cara and Los Matadores vs. 3MB

Slater and Fernando start off. Fernando hits a hurricanrana. He charges Slater in the corner and hits a monkey flip. Diego tags in and the Matadores double whip Slater. McIntyre and Mahal grab Slater at the ropes and pull him out of the ring. Los Matadores take McIntyre and Mahal out with dives, and then Sin Cara takes out Slater with a dive as things go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Fernando has Mahal's arm locked in. Mahal fights out and knees Fernando in the corner. Mahal gets whipped into the corner. Fernando charges. Mahal backdrops him, and Fernando does a hand stand using the top ropes and the turnbuckle. Mahal charges, and Fernando hits a hurricanrana. He locks in Mahal's arm again. Mahal gets out and takes Fernando to his corner. Fernando hits Mahal, and then knocks Slater down on the apron. McIntyre clotheslines Fernando from the apron, and Mahal stomps on him. McIntyre tags in. He stomps on Fernando's chest several times. McIntyre lands a vertical Suplex. He tosses Fernando into his corner and hits strikes and kicks.

Mahal tags back in, and he and McIntyre double team Fernando. Mahal locks in Fernando's head from behind. Fernando gets to his feet, but Mahal slams him to the mat. He drives his knee into Fernando's chest, and tags in Slater. Mahal and Slater double vertical Suplex Fernando. Slater lands several right hands to the head and a heel kick. McIntyre tags in. He elbows Fernando in the head. McIntyre goes for a clothesline, but Fernando counters into a pin attempt. McIntyre hits a big shoulder tackle. He stomps on Fernando and tags in Mahal. Mahal lands a Suplex. He locks in Fernando's head on the mat. Fernando gets to his feet, and Mahal hits a neckbreaker. Mahal runs over and hits Diego off the apron.

Mahal goes back to Fernando, who hits a jawbreaker. Fernando tags in Sin Cara, and Mahal tags in McIntyre. Cara hits a headbutt from up top. He follows up with a springboard crossbody and a pin attempt, which McIntyre kicks out of at two. Cara hits a hurricanrana. He kicks McIntyre in the corner. Cara lands his springboard back elbow. He goes for the pin, and Mahal breaks it up. One of the Matadores hurricanranas Mahal out of the ring. Slater clotheslines that Matador over the top rope. Cara comes up behind Slater and tosses him over the top rope. Then, El Torito goes up top and leaps off, taking Slater and Mahal out with a crossbody.

Back in the ring, McIntyre charges Cara. Cara tosses him to the apron. McIntyre elbows Cara in the head. McIntyre tries to Suplex Cara from the ring to the outside, but Cara counters out and lands on the apron. He kicks McIntyre over the top rope and back into the ring. Then, Cara goes up top and hits McIntyre with his senton bomb for the win.

Winners: Sin Cara and Los Matadores

Then, Royal Rumble by the Numbers is shown.

Back from commercial, and Randy Orton's attack on John Cena's dad from two weeks ago is shown. This is followed by the tail end of Orton's match against Kofi Kingston and his brawl with Cena around the arena to end the show.


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