Daffney Talks More About Her Lawsuit Against TNA, Interesting Timing For Jesse Sorensen's Release

- As noted earlier, former TNA star Daffney has a fundraiser for her upcoming audio book project at this link, in which she aims to speak out about her time in TNA, as well as her battles with bipolar disorder. She put up a second video for the fundraiser above, and reads out sections of her planned book. In the video, Daffney gives an in-depth look at her lawsuit against TNA and reads some depositions from the case. She also noted that management blatantly lied to her lawyer about several things.

- Daffney was also recently interviewed for Diva Diaries, which you can purchase here. In the interview, she mentioned that she attempted to get Jesse Sorensen to join her lawsuit, feeling that after what he'd been through with his medical bills, his case would surely put it over the top and they could both make huge money and make changes in the business. However, at that point, Sorensen felt loyal to Dixie Carter and still had his production job, so he said no. Daffney mentioned that several months after the deadline for him to file a lawsuit, he was fired. By the sounds of it, she didn't think the timing was a coincidence.

She talks discussed the controversial incident where she attended a TNA event earlier this year after settling her lawsuit over unpaid medical bills. She noted that the TNA office was furious with her. She said that she wasn't trying to be vindictive, and just wanted closure.


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