Diamond Dallas Page Denied On ABC's Shark Tank, How Much Does DDPYoga Profit?, New App

Diamond Dallas Page revealed on last night's episode of Shark Tank on ABC that his DDPYoga company profited $800,000 after paying himself and his staff. Page was turned down by the hosts of the show after pitching DDPYoga to them.

Page wanted $200,000 to develop a DDPYoga app, in exchange for 5% interest in the company. The investors turned him down because they believe the business will decline.

DDP tweeted about the experience and posted a new hype video for the DDPYoga app, which is above. He wrote:

"While they didnt invest in us, it's not 2late to invest in yourself #DDPYOGA #SharkTank #OWNYOURLIFE @ABCSharkTank https://buff.ly/OlcelF"

"BIG THANKS to @scalearc and @rackspace for making our Shark Tank appearance a HUGE success - our website handled the onslaught nicely"


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