– Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frazier’s former Men On A Mission tag team partner Bobby “Sir Mo” Horne posted the following on Facebook about Frazier’s passing:

“While I appreciate family, friends and the great fans who have kindheartedly been willing to help with Nelson`s farewell, I also find it a sad shame that I`m receiving phone calls and emails from various people who say they wanna help and contribute,but only in a manner that will benefit them afterwards. Listen here ladies and gentleman, I love my brother dearly regardless of what others may say or think. I am in no way interested in your money for my own personal gains nor is Cassandra Frazier, with that being said Nelson`s ring attire nor any other of his personal property is for sale. By gods grace and mercy push come to shove I will lay my brother to rest in a respectable manner conducive to the person he was when he lived amongst us. Anyone who is serious about donating to help Cassandra Frazier out, can contact me personally by phone at 828-319-5779 or inbox me, and I will give you the information needed in regards of where you can send personal donations, to include cards letters etc. Thanks and God Bless all of you who Loved my brother Nelson, Long Live King Mabel!!!!!!!!!!!”

– Sadly, Frazier did not have life insurance at the time of his passing. You can send any donations directly to Frazier’s wife, Cassandra. Vincent S. DiBenedetto, a.k.a. V.A.Z. Enterprises owner Vinny The Guido, spoke with Cassandra and sent us the following, which was also posted on Cassandra’s Facebook page. It contains the address to send donations to:


Nelson Frazier? Jr. did **NOT** have life insurance when he suddenly had a heart attack out of nowhere and passed away too soon.

I have full permission from his wife Cassandra Frazier? to help raise money for his funeral costs and other expenses. Do **NOT** donate money any other way or to anyone else other than us. If you see that anyone else is raising money for this cause, please ask either Cassandra or myself if it is legit or not before donating any money. I have been told by Cassandra herself.

As far as my fundraiser goes, I am currently in the process of setting up a Premier Pay-Pal account and it is going to take 2 to 3 business days to be set up. We have plans on doing an IndieGoGo fundraiser as soon as this gets approved from Pay-Pal.

In the meantime, you can send all checks and money orders to……

Cassandra Frazier
P.O. Box 280292
Memphis, TN 38168

Thank You To Everyone That Helps !!!