Former WWE Star Shoots On John Cena "Being A Prick," Sheamus, Triple H, John Laurinitis, More

On the 100th episode of the Pancakes and Powerslams show, I had the pleasure of interviewing former WWE star Tyler Reks. During the interview, he had some choice words to say about a few big names that he worked with in the WWE

John Laurinaitis: If you're not on the radar, he doesn't care about you. I got belittled by him quite a bit. When I came back as T. Reks, that was Vince. Next thing you know, I was Johnny's best friend. And when all that ended, he wouldn't give me the time of day. He is not a nice person. He is all strictly business.

Triple H: Nice guy. He's got everything dialed in for the company and he's taking it in the right direction. Definitely into helping his talent.

Sheamus: Was nice in the beginning, them I realized that he steps on heads and suddenly isn't your friend anymore. He only does what's good for Sheamus.

John Cena: He's a workhorse. He does incredible things for the company and he busts his butt. Outside the ring, I can't stand the guy. He's not a nice guy, he holds talent down. He steals ideas. He's a prick.

Why he left the WWE: My daughter was 8 months old and she was starting to notice that I was leaving. Infants change everyday. I was missing out and I realized that I just couldn't do both. I wanted to be a dad.

Reks also discussed why his heel run didn't last, teaming with Curt Hawkins, feud with Ryback, the Undertaker, and more. As reported, he also announced the launch of his fitness and nutrition site, You can hear the full interview above.