As noted earlier, John Cena was interviewed by Larry King to discuss the WWE Network, his new fitness program ’10 Weeks BodyChange,’ staying healthy and more. At the end of the interview, Cena took some questions from social media, as well as from King himself. King asked Cena about CM Punk quitting WWE.

“He would be a good interview to have, because he would have the answers to those questions,” Cena noted. Cena said that he doesn’t know what’s going on with that situation, and doesn’t know if he quit or not.

Here are a few more answers from Cena:

Turning heel: “My situation is peculiar, a lot of fans – the older males – want me to be a bad guy, so they boo me. I’m already getting booed. Aren’t I already the bad guy?”

Favorite all time wrestler: “Hulk Hogan, he’s the guy who got me into [wrestling].”

His WrestleMania dream match: Steve Austin. Cena noted that while it may not happen this year, he’d like to get Austin out for WrestleMania 31.

Favorite opponent: “The Rock”

Favorite hip hop artist: “Jay Z”

Hardest hitter: “Brock Lesnar”

Best trash talker in WWE: “A tossup between Dwayne Johnson, Steve Austin and Ric Flair.”

Source: Larry King Now