Konnan Sounds Off On Elimination Chamber, Stephanie McMahon Talks 'Mania, Jake Roberts

- Stephanie McMahon briefly spoke to WWE Magazine, where she explained why fans can't miss WrestleMania XXX: "You're guaranteed the greatest live-event spectacular in the world. WrestleMania XXX will have something special for everyone, commemorating 30 years of epic entertainment. WWE Legends, the best Superstars of today and the brightest young talent of tomorrow will all join forces to create memories that will last a lifetime."

- Jake "The Snake" Roberts is currently the top trending topic on Yahoo.com after it was revealed today that he has cancer. The 2014 WWE Hall of Fame inductee said to TMZ.com that he has a cancerous tumor behind his knee which is slowly expanding into his muscle. He is scheduled to undergo surgery on Tuesday to have it removed.

- Konnan feels sorry for fans who ordered tonight's Elimination Chamber pay-per-view event, saying they were "ripped off."

"Today i was reminded why i dont watch WWE PPV's, feel sorry for those who pay..#RippedOff," wrote Konnan on Twitter following the show, who was urged to watch it by a friend.

Offering his take on Elimination Chamber, Konnan wrote, "Bad finish in the Usos match, they are over with da fans..Shield/Wyatts match very good, great camerwork at the end..Whichever Funkadactyl wrestled AJ, still sucks..Match had about as much heat as an icecube in a freezer in da northpole..Wow, Batista has turned ADR babyface,they hate him..Fans have chanted CM Punk, Bryan. & even Lesner & Y2J during da match.."

The WWE World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match concluded with Kane assisting Randy Orton to defeat Daniel Bryan. In response to the finish, Konnan wrote, "Wow, how many different ways are there to f--k Daniel Bryan? #Incredible."


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