Matt Hardy & Shane Helms Plug OMEGA Show, Necro Butcher On Joining The Wyatts, Cornette, More

- As noted earlier, there will be an OMEGA Championship Wrestling event on Saturday, February 22nd in Smithfield, North Carolina to benefit the Autism Society of North Carolina. Jeff Hardy is scheduled to make a special appearance on the show. Also slated to appear are Matt Hardy, Reby Sky, Hurricane Helms, Gunner, CW Anderson, Christian York and others. You can check out a promo from Hardy and Helms about the event in the video above. You can get more details about the show at

- Hardcore wrestling icon Necro Butcher, who appeared in The Wrestler, recently talked with The Undisputed Wrestling Show and discussed CZW, IWA-Mid South and staying private. When asked if he would join the Wyatt Family if WWE offered him a contract, he replied, "Hell, I'd be a ballerina if they (WWE) came calling! Put me in a pink tutu and I'd be laughing all the way to the bank!"

- Jim Cornette has a Kickstarter project to document his travels in the UK. His goal was £7,000, as of this writing he's already topped that with £7,489.

- The Mancave Quaterback show, the weekly radio podcast heard live every Tuesday nights from 9 10:30 pm Est time on the Totally Driven Entertainment Radio Network, recently interviewed Extreme Rising champ Stevie Richards. During the interview, Richards discussed DDPYOGA, what really happened to Stevie Night Heat, his T4 show and love of gadgets and more. You can listen to it at around the 30:00 mark by clicking here.


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