Matt Striker Talks About The CM Punk Situation, Staying Relevant In WWE, The Network, More

Former WWE announcer Matt Striker recently spoke with VOC's Wrestling Nation show. Here are some highlights:

What it took to stay relevant in the WWE for 8 years: "The first thing is to check your ego. Some guys honestly believe that they either really won that match or that they really are the champion. Everyone has a blog now, everyone has a radio show or podcast now; people need to put their ego in check and realize that they're not that important. The business has gone on before them and it will go on after them. (While everyone was focused on being) the next John Cena, I focused on being the best backstage guy and the best promo guy, and seeing how many hats I could wear."

The CM Punk situation: "I've known Punk since I started; he and I are good friends outside of wrestling. There's no sense in trying to dive into someone's head?you're going to be wrong nine times out of ten anyway. Everyone has an opinion, but the only thing anyone knows (for sure) is what they read on the Internet, and none of the Internet pundits are walking around backstage; it's all second and third hand information. The only person that knows for sure is (CM Punk)."

WrestleMania being headlined by part-timers: "The whole view of the WWE is, 'what is the stock doing today?' That's all anyone cares about. The Rock headlining Wrestlemania the last two years was a business decision and was about putting the most amount of money possible in people's pockets. (Batista being involved) is (best for business). He's going to be featured in a Marvel movie that's going to be released right around Wrestlemania. He's going to put new eyes on the product, which gets them to buy the product and buy the network, and the stock goes up and people make money."

The WWE Network: "I think that the medium that the network is based on is interesting and unproven. Now there's so much technology that you can watch your computer on your TV. WWE (has the chance) to catch lightning in a bottle. When MTV put on the Real World, everyone said it was a mistake, and now you can't find a music video on MTV. I think WWE is going to do just fine. The original programming will carry the new viewer, and the classic stuff will carry the people who love wrestling."