– The funeral for Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frazier Jr. will be held at 2:00 pm on Tuesday, March 4th at Pentecostal Praise (2922 Holmes Rd., East Memphis, TN, 38116). Thanks to Vincent S. DiBenedetto, a.k.a. V.A.Z. Enterprises owner Vinny The Guido, of Top Of The Link Talent Bookings.

– DiBenedetto and Frazier’s wife, Cassandra, will be appearing on the Under The Mat w/Paloma podcast tonight at 8pm ET. You can listen or call into the show at (805) 830-8338, of you can listen at this link.

– Cassandra posted a post on her Facebook page here, blasting WWE and TMZ. She said that WWE did not offer their condolences, and that she’s ready to tell all about the company. She also said that WWE was the reason that Frazier and many others are no longer with us. She also asked for fans to leave Frazier’s former tag team partner Bobby “Sir Mo” Horne alone, as he has been helping her and that any stories about him trying to scam people are false.

She also blasted TMZ and stated that the recent story that they ran claiming that Cassandra told them that Frazier rapidly lost 100 lbs. was false, and that she never spoke to the gossip site. The TMZ story claimed that Cassandra told TMZ that Frazier lost 100 lbs. because doctors told him that his blood pressure was too high and was affecting his diabetes.

Adam Gutowski contributed to this article.