Many more Superstars and Legends took to their Twitter to remember Nelson “Big Daddy V” Frazier, Jr., who passed away yesterday at the age of 43 after suffering a heart attack:

Ric Flair: “Sad to hear of the passing of Viscera. He was a good man, a huge character, and always fun to watch in the ring. He will be missed.”

Chris Jericho: “Sad to hear about the passing of Big Vis Nelson Frazier. One of the nicest guys in the biz. Always had a smile and a cool vibe. RIP brother”

JBL: “Really sad news about Viscera/King Mabel. Spent a lot of time around Viscera and enjoyed having him as a friend. RIP.”

Hacksaw Jim Duggan: “God Bless by friend Big Viscera. At first I was worried about working with him but he was great to wrestle!”

Jeff Jarrett: “RIP Nelson Frazier … #Mabel #Viscera #BigDaddy”

Ashley Massaro: “Sad to hear about the news of Big Daddy V- I feel like every time I turn around someone else is gone:( so is life I guess still sad.”

Ted DiBiase Sr.: “My thoughts and prayers are with the family of Big Viscera today. Big guy, big heart, and a great sense of humor. He will be missed.”

Taz: “Very sad to hear of the passing of Nelson Frazier (Viscera). A really great guy..RIP brother. #Mabel #Viscera #BigDaddy”

Lilian Garcia: “Saddened 2 hear news that Nelson Frazier aka Viscera passed away yest. I will always cherish our time working together. Grt Man! #RIP”

Todd Grishma: “The last text message I got from my friend Viscera ‘Luv ya Tee Geezy!! Don’t loose touch brother, I always considered you a special guy!'”

John Morrison: “Great talent, great man. Many times he gave me insight into the business & life- RT @ChrisMasters310: Nelson Frazier/Big V has died. RIP”

Howard Finkel: “I’m saddened by the news of the passing of Nelson Frazier. Big Daddy V was a genuine human being and an all around good guy. RIP my friend.”

Sean Waltman: “I’m so sad to hear of Nelson Frazier’s passing. I personally really like Nelson & I enjoyed making good, believable matches w him.RIP friend”

Gene Snitsky: “RIP #NelsonFrazier lost another great friend… Such sad news, so many good memories i will miss you buddy! Cya on the other side big man!!”

Bruce Prichard: “R.I.P. Nelson Frazier… Big Man. Huge Heart.”

Christopher Daniels: “I may need @brydertna or @JeremyBorash to confirm, but it’s possible I took every bump Viscera ever gave in a TNA ring. My pleasure, sir!”

Steve Corino: “Very sad to wake up and read about Big Daddy V passing. @QueenCorino & I had a great time with him in Canada in 2012. A teddy bear of a guy.”