As noted earlier, WWE Hall of Famer “Stone Cold” Steve Austin appeared on the first episode of Jim Ross’ new podcast, The Ross Report. It’s a really fun listen, you can check it out below. During the episode, Austin and JR discussed several current wrestling topics, including CM Punk quitting WWE and how WWE is pushing Daniel Bryan.

Austin noted that Punk walking away was similar to his situation when he walked out over a bad booking decision in 2002 [details]. Austin admitted that it was one of the worst decisions of his life, and he lost a lot of money over it. He advised Punk to at least finish out his contract so that he’s not in breach and can earn future royalties, and noted he didn’t make a dime when he walked away because he breached his contract. Austin said that the way to get back at the company is to go to WrestleMania and steal the show. Austin thinks that Punk will be back for WrestleMania XXX, and this shoot will turn into a work.

JR also asked Austin if he would have an issue with making Daniel Bryan champion. Austin said that he wouldn’t have an issue with it at all, and thinks he should be given the chance to hold the belt and run with it. Austin said that Bryan is over and is hot, and that he feels like they’re doing a slow burn with him to the payoff, to which JR agreed. JR noted that Vince McMahon is a smart businessman and he thinks it’s a slow burn because it is so obvious that Bryan is over, and McMahon is way too smart to think otherwise. Austin noted that you don’t want to take too much time to get to the payoff, or it could be anti-climactic.

JR called Bryan “the greatest overachiever in the history of WWE,” which Austin agreed. Austin said that Bryan “is every man,” and that while he’s as “big as a minute,” he can work his ass off and he connects with people. Austin said that he’s really pulling for Bryan, and called him a great kid.

Both JR and Austin said that he could work a little more on his promos, and be a little more aggressive on the mic. Austin said that “less is more” with Bryan, and he should be a counter-speaker who “lets someone set the table for him and let him go mop it up.” He wants Bryan to turn up the volume a few notches, and he thinks he will.

Once again, it’s a great listen, you can check out the full episode below.

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