WWE Adding More Network Content After Free Trial, Classy Move By Cena After Arrival, Batista

- We noted before that John Cena appeared after WWE NXT Arrival went off the air to put over new champion Adrian Neville. Cena, selling the injury from RAW, stopped production from closing the show with his theme song and said Neville deserved to close the show, so they played Neville's theme as everyone left.

- As noted, WWE is working on a new Batista DVD. WrestlingDVDNews.com reports that promotional material they received for the DVD stated, Batista's "life story is very compelling and continues in this program."

- WWE Network will be adding a lot more content once the one-week free trial is over on Monday. The idea is that they wanted the free trial users to sample enough to get them to pay but not give them everything at once.

Source: PWInsider


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