WWE Pulls CM Punk's Last Scheduled Appearance, Network Tip For PS4 Users, Hulk Hogan

- On Monday, WWE removed CM Punk's Louisville Wizard World Comic Con appearance from their website. This was Punk's last scheduled appearance for the company. He has been removed from the Wizard World website for a few weeks now but Comic Con officials still won't confirm to fans on Facebook that Punk is off the event.

- WWE's website has posted exclusive videos from last night's RAW with reactions from Superstars. One video shows Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart arriving for RAW. Hogan was shown walking around the back and greeting Ric Flair, Jerry Lawler, Brie Bella, Sheamus and others. Hogan was also shown combing his mustache and preparing to go out to the ring when RAW began.

- As noted, Playstation 4 users are reporting that the login screen for the WWE Network is broken. Reader Jon S passed along the following tip this morning:

"A lot of people don't realize it, but the login screen on the PS4 isn't broken - the controls are reversed for whatever reason. You have to hit circle to enter something and hit X to go back. I was able to stream "This is NXT", the first SmackDown!, Raw pre-show, and the Raw post-show from the PS4 just fine."


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