– WWE issued a survey earlier today to gauge interest on potential reality shows for the WWE Network. Here are details, courtesy of PWInsider:

* WWE Rescue – a reality show where WWE talents come to the homes of “super fans” to help with their personal and business problems. Described as Restaurant Impossible meets Nanny 911.

* NXT: Behind the Scenes – A reality series following the NXT talents trying to make it out of the Performance Center and to the main roster, looking at their work, their personal lives and the fraternity of the NXT brand, including the heartbreak of being cut.

* WWE Ultimate Challenge- WWE’s version of CBS’ Amazing Race with a 12 hour extreme scavenger hunt in different cities.

* Xtreme WWE Collector – Starring “Super fan” Michael Patterson – WWE’s version of Travel Channel’s Toy Hunter.

* Pros vs. Joes – Similar the old Spike TV series, pitting WWE talents against an average person in physical and non-physical challenges. The non physical challenges listed included an air guitar competition. The physical challenges were described as similar to American Gladiators.

* WWE Around the World – Following WWE stars as they take part in some of the scariest stunts and attractions around the world, such as shark diving and eating strange foods.

* WWE Dirty Jobs – Just like the Discovery Channel reality series of the same name, WWE talents have to perform unpleasant jobs, including going into Chicago sewers and picking up garbage in NYC.

* WWE Prankdown – a practical joke show that features WWE stars pulling tricks on unsuspecting “superfans.” An example was John Cena and Randy Orton both wanting to buy an expensive car and getting into a fight at the dealership, only to show the damage they caused was part of the show to trick the fan.

* Blackman’s Bounties – A reality series with former WWE star and bounty hunter Steve Blackman following his bounty hunting team based out of Harrisburg, PA.