Mick Foley Reveals Why Dean Ambrose Feud Was Scrapped

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently appeared on fellow Hall of Famer Jim Ross' podcast, The Ross Report. During the episode, Foley discussed his nixed feud with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose confronted Foley at the InterContinental Miami hotel during WrestleMania XXVII weekend and ripped him for turning a generation of fans onto hardcore wrestling. The feud continued online for several weeks before it was dropped. Foley noted that the feud was scrapped after he met with his neurologist, who told him that he could never wrestle again.

Foley also addressed in his blog post (which you can read here) where he called off the feud weeks after it began because of Ambrose bringing Foley's family into it. Foley told JR that there was a miscommunication between them, and that Ambrose wasn't receiving his texts because he was in the UK. Ambrose finally got the texts after he returned to the States, but by then Foley had written the post.

Foley said they then got back on the same page and were ready to work the feud. Foley said that he was ready to put his heart and mind into it, but then the diagnosis from his neurologist happened. Foley then said that he was happy to see Ambrose reach the success that he has with The Shield, and that he was happy that he "didn't crush his future."

You can listen to Foley's appearance on The Ross Report below: