For every big-named pro wrestler, there has been a time or two where they have messed up and cut a promo that did not fulfill their expectation. Whether it was forgetting a line, stuttering, or just getting into the moment but not making much sense, most legends would remember a time where they had a mental moment similar to Chris Farley on SNL's "The Chris Farley Show."

However, some promos were so disastrous that instead of the wrestler recalling it to the fan, it is clearly the other way around. Promos that were so embarrassing that the wrestler's ego almost totally deflated after the promo was cut.

Exhibit A: Psycho Sid

In an interview conducted by Jim Ross, Sid was asked about skeptics feeling that he could not take the heat, Sid immediately fumbled on his words. Not realizing that the luxury of taped promos did not apply at that moment, he asked JR if he could start over. Ross responded with, "Well it's live pal," followed by Sid desperately wanting to get out of that awkward situation, eventually retreating behind a mute Ted DiBiase.

Moments like these make me wonder how many Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage promos were shot multiple times. Though they were two of the best mic men of their time, their effortless fluidity in speaking behind a mic may not always been a result of spontaneous wit.

At least the Ultimate Warrior did not have this problem of asking to reshoot, because we still do not understand the majority of his promos from 25 years ago. I am still wondering if Hulk Hogan ever "opened the cock... pit.. door."

What other embarrassing promos do you vividly recall? Feel free to post them below, or send them to @cravewrestling.

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