Roman Reigns Talks Dream Match With Undertaker, Problems In The Shield, His Royal Rumble Record reader Minister of Sinister ( @MosResidentHeel ) sent in these details from Roman Regins' appearance on C101, a local radio station in Corpus Christi. Reigns was promoting the WWE live event at the American Bank Center on March 16th. Here are some highlights:

He was described as "one of the top, hot new wrestlers today." When asked about conflict within The Shield, he put it off by saying that they are "all like brothers, so you're gonna bicker and you're gonna fight. We're the best this company has so of course we're gonna have egos. So when you're dealing with egos all the time, you're gonna have disagreements and maybe even a scuffle or two."

He talked about breaking Kane's 13 year record at Royal Rumble, stating, "I was in the zone. Everything was flowing good for me... by the time I got to six eliminations, I felt pretty good. To know I went all the way and doubled it up to twelve, that's pretty awesome."

He was also asked about a future run the the Intercontinental Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship and said that his chances "are pretty damn good... I'm in a situation now where fighting anyone one on one, that's a major concern for them… Anybody that gets put in a title match with one of us (The Shield) they have serious problems."

Reigns also gave his thoughts on the WWE Network:

"Unbelievable, I literally just downloaded it the other day. The first thing I noticed is the content. There is just so much stuff you can watch throughout the history of wrestling…" The interviewer, Hitman, went on to put the WWE Network over as well by saying he watches it all the time and is really enjoying it.

When asked present or past, who would he like to wrestle, he answered, "The Undertaker. He is perceived as the godfather of our business."


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