TNA - DISH Update, Aries, Gail Kim Vs. Shanna On Xplosion Video, Slammiversary Correction

- You can check out the Gail Kim vs. Shanna match from Xplosion in the video above.

- Apparently the starting time for this Sunday's Lockdown pay-per-view is wrong on the Dish Network guide. TNA announced that the listing is incorrect due to daylight savings time, and it will automatically be corrected when DST kicks in this Sunday at 2am.

- Just a quick correction about the TNA Slammiversary date. The event will take place on Sunday, June 15th at the College Park Center in Arlington, Texas, not June 8th as noted earlier. We have fixed the original post.

- has an article here about Austin Aries appearing at the Marion Theatre in downtown Ocala, FL this Friday night for the screening of Jeremy Seifert's latest film, GMO OMG. The movie looks at the takeover of our food supply by giant chemical companies.

"When I grew up, we had health classes for something like one semester of one year in high school," Aries said. "We got hammered with history and math I never used after graduation. But that wasn't the case with health, and maybe that's because there wasn't as much information out then as there is now.

"I can be a passionate guy who gets people riled up. I'm a believer in full disclosure and transparency about what people put in their bodies. I think all that I've researched and continue to study about food and health are things I can help others also gain a better understanding about."

The red carpet reception starts at 7:15pm, while the screening will begin at 8:00pm. Aries will speak for a few minutes before the film and well as at the post-screening Q&A. Requests for free tickets may be made at [email protected] .

- Speaking of Aries, a quick reminder that Choices Vegan Café in Miami will host a special "Meet and Eat" with Aries this Saturday from 3:30pm - 5:30pm at 46 NE 79th St. The event will take place immediately after TNA Fan Interaction. During the Meet and Greet event, you'll get free organic iced tea with ANY purchase just by mentioning that you're there for the Austin Aries Meet and Eat.

- The Miami New Times has an interview with Aries at this link about his appearance at Choices Vegan Café on Saturday. During the interview, Aries discussed being a vegan and what his daily menu looks like. He was also asked if other wrestlers "hate on him" for being a vegan.

"Nah, at least not to my face," Aries said. "Outside of the usual poking fun we all do to each other, most are really respectful knowing it's something I've been committed to for a long time. More often than not, they are more curious than anything knowing my food usually looks and tastes great!"


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