TNA Live Event Results From Lincoln (3/28): Magnus Defends, James Storm Vs. Gunner, Bully Ray

Thanks to reader Kaleb Huffman for sending in these results from last night's TNA live event in Lincoln, NE:

The pre-show party, was a great way to start the show. Gunner, The Bro Mans, Samuel Shaw and The Hebners were all in the bowl of the Pershing Center posing for photos and signing autographs.

Jeremy Borash welcome the crowd which seemed to be around a loud 5-600 strong. Soon after, Borash was confronted by Sam Shaw. Then the Wolves came out and Davey Richards challenged Shaw to a match. If Richards won the Wolves would get a title shot later on in the evening.

* Davey Richards won with a roll up over Sam Shaw in a relatively short match after the Bro Mans tried to cost Richards the victory.

* Next up was a Knockout Championship match between Gail Kim, who was accompanied by her husband, celebrity chef Robert Irvine. He sat ringside for the duration of the match and the next match. Madison Rayne looked very nice. Madison won in a match that was given a fair amount of time with a roll up. Afterwards, Irvine filed a formal complaint towards Earl Hebner.

* Next up Gunner came out with small American flags in hand. He then had every veteran in attendance stand up to be recognized. Gunner then had the American flag lit up for everyone to say the pledge of allegiance in unison. "Cowboy" James Storm then came out to a chorus of boos. The match would then be announced as a Street Fight.

Plenty of offense for both men as they brawled on the outside for a bit. Storm introduced a chair into the ring and he put it in the corner wedged between the turnbuckles. Storm would whip Gunner into the chair head first. Next Storm went to bash Gunner over the head with the chair, then he hit the ropes with the chair, and the chair bounced back and hit Storm in the face. Gunner took advantage and hit the gun rack on Storm for the 1-2-3. Next Gunner wanted to hear the Star Spangled Banner and Rockstar Spud came out and interrupted and had Gunner ejected from the building.

* Bobby Roode came out for his match against Bully Ray. Bully was met with the pop of the night. I still get chills seeing ECW originals and Bully delivered. A "we want D-Von" chant broke out and Bully said, "If he was here, I would tell him to get the tables!" Bully asked Earl to change the match to a tables match and Hebner granted the request. After heavy offense from Roode, Bully got a shot in to knock Roode down long enough to introduce a table. Bully propped the table up in the corner (WWE style). The two would the proceed to try and drive each other through the table and both men failed. Finally Roode went to get Bully's chain and wrapped his fist with it. Bully ducked the shot and laid out Roode. Bully then set the table up and power bombed Roode through the table to win the match. Afterwards Bully brought a young fan in the ring and gave him a piece of the table and signed it in a really nice moment. Bully thanked the crowd before leaving.

* The first match after intermission saw TNA World Tag Team Champion the Bro Mans, accompanied by DJ Z, came to the ring first to a chorus of boos. Next out were the Wolves to a nice pop. The Bro Mans are terrible wrestlers and really slowed down Eddie and Davey. The finish saw a flurry of offense from Davey into a pin opportunity on Jessie, only to have have Robbie E and his crazy hair pull Earl Hebner from the ring causing a DQ. The Bro Mans retreated to the back and DJ Z was left with the Wolves after they pulled him into the ring. Just before being desecrated by the Wolves, DJ Z was saved by The Bro Mans.

* Finally we had our main event of the evening pitting TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus against the Samoa Joe. Magnus received a ton of boos and a "Paper Champion" chant accompanied by a, "Joe's gonna kill you!" Magnus just does not look or wrestle like a champion. I have watched Joe wrestle a better match against an indy guy at the local armory. Anyways the finish saw Joe hit a muscle buster on Magnus, only to be thwarted by Rock Star Spud who had made his way back down to the ring. Spud stopped Hebner from counting the 3 and threw the belt to Magnus, who planted Joe between the eyes to get the 1-2-3 and Magnus retained his title.

Afterwards Gunner came back and delivered Spud to Joe. After a little deliberating by Spud Joe planted him with a muscle buster to send the crowd home happy. Joe and Gunner took pictures with fans after the show for $20.

Overall, TNA put on a great show and I made the two hour drive from Saint Joseph, Missouri to Lincoln to see The Wolves. This marked my third show at The Pershing Center and I still can't believe they taped a Nitro there. My previous 2 shows were both WWE, once in July 2006 a show headlined by a John Cena vs Edge Street Fight and in January 2010, a show headlined by World Tag Team Champions Degeneration X against The Big Show and Randy Orton.

If TNA is in your area give it look and I assure you, it will be a great time.


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