TNA Lockdown: Chris Sabin, Kazarian And Daniels Vs. The Great Muta, Sanada And Yasu

- The 2014 TNA Lockdown pay-per-view kicks off with footage of Magnus arriving earlier in the day. Mike Tenay welcomes us and he's joined by Taz. We see footage of Samoa Joe also arriving earlier today. We go to the Lockdown opening video.

- We're live from the University of Miami as Tenay welcomes us. We go to Christy Hemme in the steel cage.

Kazarian, Daniels and Chris Sabin vs. The Great Muta, Sanada and Yasu

We go to the ring and out first comes Kazarian and Daniels. They're sort of dressed up as old school Muta. Out next comes their partner Chris Sabin. Out next comes X Division Champion Sanada and we see stills from Sanada's win over Austin Aries in Japan. Yasu is out next followed by wrestling legend The Great Muta to a nice pop.

Sabin starts out with Sanada and they trade holds. More blocks and counters. Sanada with an abdominal stretch into a bunch of cradles around the ring. 2 count by Sanada. Sanada with a big arm drag into an armbar. Sabin turns it around in the corner but runs into a boot. Sanada with a right hand out of the corner and a tag to Yasu. Sabin kicks Yasu and in comes Kazarian. Fans chant for Muta. Kazarian with a big clothesline on Yasu. More back and forth. Yasu with a hip toss and a headlock. Muta tags in to a big pop. Muta with the big elbow drop and a crossface STF but Daniels breaks the hold. Muta counters and dropkicks Daniels. Muta spits his green mist into the air to a big pop. Yasu tags back in with Kazarian. 2 count for Yasu.

Bad Influence turn it around on Yasu and double team him. Sabin tags back in and drops a knee to the face. Sabin with a clothesline in the corner and a boot to the throat. Sabin taunts Muta. Sabin backslides Yasu but the referee doesn't see the pin so Kazarian leg drops him for a pin attempt. Bad Influence double teams Yasu some more for another 2 count. Daniels keeps control now. Yasu fights out and hits all of his opponents but gets knocked back into the corner again. More double teaming by Kazarian and Daniels. Sabin joins in for the triple team and they hit a nice three-way dropkick for a close 2 count. Kazarian goes to the top but misses a leg drop. Sanada tags in with Daniels. Sanada unloads but Sabin comes in. Sanada takes them both out. Sanada has dropkicks for everyone. Sanada with a big slam and a close 2 count on Daniels. Bad Influence stop a tiger suplex and double team Sanada for a 2 count. Daniels accidentally clotheslines Kaz. Muta tags in with dropkicks to the knee on Daniels. Big leg whips for Sabin and Kaz, and then Daniels. Muta with a leg bar on Daniels. Sabin breaks it up. Muta fights off a double team and spits mist in Kaz's face. Sanada and Yasu make comebacks. Sanada tags in as Muta hits a Shining Wizard on Daniels. Sanada nails a moonsault on Daniels for the win.

Winners: Sanada, Yasu and The Great Muta


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