Video Of Brock Lesnar's Thrown Monitor Landing In The Crowd, More On The Incident

As noted earlier, one of the monitors that Brock Lesnar threw during the opening segment of this past Monday's RAW landed in the crowd and hit someone. Wrestling INC reader Andrew R. sent us the video above that he took of the monitor landing in the crowd.

Wrestling INC reader Kerry Morris (who was wearing the white RAW IS THE SQUARED CIRCLE shirt) was sitting front row on the other side of the ramp and noted that the monitor flew all the way back into about the 4th or 5th row. The camera crew was in panic mode and thoroughly asked if everyone was OK. No one mentioned anything about being hurt and no one received any medical attention. There was a small "lawsuit" chant at ringside when it happened.

Wrestling INC reader Eddie, who was also at the show, added that a kid that was hit by the monitor was taken away for a brief period by security, but returned about a half hour later. The kid looked OK, although he appeared to have a bruise on his right cheek.

Andrew R. and Kerry Morris contributed to this article.


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