What Triple H Told The NXT Roster, NFL Star Attends NXT Tapings, Foley Talks King Of The Ring Fall

- WWE's website has a new article looking at the 15 freakiest falls of all-time. Number one is Mick Foley's fall from the top of the Hell In a Cell at King of the Ring 1998. Foley said:

"I think that I created a moment that was impossible to top and a moment that shouldn't be topped. So many of the Superstars want to give people moments that they'll never forget, but we don't want to give them moments that could end Superstars' careers. Mine easily could have ended that night in Pittsburgh."

- Triple H addressed the NXT roster before Thursday's Arrival event and according to WWE's Twitter, he told them, "We have created an infectious attitude here [in NXT] and YOU inspire people here..."

- New England Patriots star Rob Gronkowski was reportedly in the crowd for last night's WWE NXT tapings wearing a Mojo Rawley t-shirt.


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