WWE Live Event Results From MSG (3/8): Triple H, John Cena Teams With Batista, Finlay, Daniel Bryan

Thanks to WrestlingInc.com reader Chris Howard for sending in these results from tonight's WWE live event at Madison Square Garden in New York City:

WWE Tag Team Championship triple threat match: The Usos (c) defeated The Rhodes Brothers and Rybaxel via the Uso Splash on Ryback. The Usos were very over, the crowd popped big time for them. Side note, Goldust is a absolute ring general and Cody wrestled like he had nothing to lose.


The Miz vs. Justin Gabriel ended in a no contest when Ryback came out and meat hooked both Miz and Gabriel. Ryback goes for shell shock but Miz reverses into the Skull Crushing Finale and Gabriel hits the 450 splash.

WWE Divas Champion AJ defeated Cameron with a shining wizard.

Kofi Kingston defeated Damien Sandow via Trouble in paradise. Sandow is great on the mic beforehand.

Triple H is out next to a decent pop. He runs down the "Yes!" movement and proceeds to introduce Kane. Daniel Bryan defeats Kane via the running knee. Great match that had plenty of interference from HHH. Bryan then calls out HHH after the match to fight him tonight. HHH actually agrees after some back and forth. He takes his shirt off and steps in the ring but before they lock up, Stephanie comes out with some back up (including Finlay in a suit being a behind the scenes guy). Stephanie says no way HHH is fighting tonight or anywhere against Bryan. HHH leaves the ring and Finlay goes to hit Bryan who dodged Finlay and then hit him with the knee. Bryan then dives out the ring onto HHH and Kane to end the segment. The whole arena was chanting "Yes!". I mean everyone. The "Yes!" movement is crazy, I'm hungry for Bryan to get what he deserves.



The Ascension defeat Los Matadores. Ascension came out with their NXT titles. Good to see WWE finally calling them up soon, they sure need some tag teams.

Dolph Ziggler defeats Alberto Del Rio via the Zig Zag. Amazing match with plenty of false finishes. "This is awesome" chants broke out. Your typical Ziggler -Del Rio match two great workers.

John Cena & Batista defeated Bray Wyatt & Randy Orton via AA on Orton. Batista started out with Orton who tagged in Bray immediately. Batista ends up getting beat down by both Bray and Orton. Batista eventually hits a spine buster after about five minutes and gets the hot tag to Cena. Cena eventually gets beaten down like Batista earlier. Cena hits a move and reaches for the tag but Batista drops off the apron to loud boos and heads back up the ramp. Orton accidently knocks Bray off the apron and a moment later Bray comes back in the ring and hits Orton with Sister Abigail to a huge pop. Cena then hits Orton with the AA and the pin. Batista was working as a face until he left Cena in the ring. He was actually being cheered too and of course he was GASSED after literally five minutes of ring work.

Overall good show. Literally AJ was the only heel to win besides the Ascension. Only two CM Punk chants broke out, one at the start of the show and the second was at HHH during his match. That's it, thanks for reading.


Biggest pops
1. Bryan
2. Cena
3. Usos

Most heat
1. Ryback
2. Ryback
3. Literally Ryback was the only one booed. Weird and young crowd tonight.