– As noted yesterday, Antoine Moore recently interviewed WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Hart. You can watch the second part of the interview above.

– Former WWE Superstar Marty Jannetty recently noted on his Facebook page that he found out he’s a father. He wrote:

“HAPPIEST, HAPPIEST GUY LIVING RIGHT NOW……wish I was there to watch her grow up but, so happy to be given this gift now!!! and from here on, Im gonna be a different person than have been… will be the best daddy ever..or at least the best one I can be!!!

“Im the happiest guy on this planet right now…now I get it..to all the boys who have told me how its life changing when you have a kid…man..had no kids so I didnt get it…now I do…thats my girl…and guys, dont you dare look at her twice,,,bad ankles and all I will make sure you never look at my daughter like that again!!!!!!!!!!!..Love ya Bianca!! hey, we didnt get the choice….but now we do have that….and..I LOVE YOU!!!..hope you will accept me///I will change soooo much now, I will never embarrass you!!!!!!!!!”

– Jannetty also remembered the late Ultimate Warrior, and told a funny story about the Warrior going nuts on a cop for pulling him over, only to realize that he was driving the wrong way on a one way road. Here is the full story:

so what had happened was….I dont think its any shock to anyone that Warrior was soooo high strung..even off TV..and even when he would get mad as hell (which was pretty much all day every day) he would scream out words of wisdom while putting the situation down..here’s a prime example.. first, we (the boyz) were in Detroit and had to find a new gym to work out at as the one we all had been going to closed..bet yo azz Warrior knew where another one was..so, he told us all to follow him..it was a 3 car convoy..Warrior in front(I think Kerry Von Erich was riding with him, or Jimmy Powers of The Young Stallions), me and Shawn in the car behind, and, I forget who was in the car behind us..

but so..he evidently made a wrong turn somewhere..and thats all it takes to set him off..and when we started following him the wrong way on a one way, we knew “uh oh, when we get to the gym dont say a word about his directions” ,lol..but so he did a u turn.. and headed the other way, and here comes a cop car, lights blaring, siren blasting..and Warrior pulls over, cop car behind him, and all us pulled over behind the cop car..then..we see the most unbelievable thing…Warrior jumps out his car..wait, first picture this, a 280 pound shredded up muscle guy in a tank top, long hair and veins popping up in his forehead with anger, ..goes running up to the cop car and starts yelling to the cop…”what the f–k?? I havent done any damn thing wrong what the f–k, you stupid puke excuse for a cop. what the f–k, Im running late what the f–k??”..

well, as we’re shaking thinking we’re about to see Warrior get shot..we look and the cop, scoots down in his seat, barely rolls the window down and just points to let Warrior know “you were driving the wrong way on a one way, but youre ok now”..and Warrior just jumped back in his car and we headed to the gym…lol..TRUE DAMN STORY…can you imagine if any one of us did that??? what would happen??….ok, the funny wisdom rant about warrior..thats the next story..has to do with a Detroit night club we all were at on that same night..this is just too long already for me to tell more right now…(do you see why my book has taken 7 years already..lol)