Heat On Dixie Carter Over How She Runs TNA, Big In Over His Head?, Spike TV Concern, More

- There continues to be a lot of people within TNA that are worried TNA's deal with Spike TV won't be renewed this year. Last time the deal was renewed, it was done around this time, well before October when it expires.

We noted before that Dixie Carter recently held a meeting with employees at TNA's Nashville offices. Dixie asked why the morale was low in the company and a lot of it has to do with recent cutbacks. There's also a feeling that "Big" John Gaburick is in over his head. Gaburick has been doing a lot of creative work lately and while he worked for WWE, he never worked in creative there.

There was even more concern when Janice Carter and Panda Energy lawyer Creede Williams came to Nashville to have meetings with Dixie over the past few weeks. Janice and Panda officials usually stay in Texas so her trip to Nashville had people talking.

At the same meeting Dixie held with TNA's Nashville office employees, she wondered why TNA didn't have a presence at WWE's WrestleMania XXX weekend. A source observed that Dixie is always talking about what they should have done and not what they should do. There's a feeling that TNA needs someone to push open doors and make things happen but that's just not happening right now. There's a feeling that TNA is just there and they don't have much momentum.

Source: PWInsider Elite

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