Jim Ross Blogs On Sting Wrestling In WWE, His Upcoming Show In Toronto, UFC

Jim Ross posted his latest blog at JRSBBQ.com. Here are some highlights:

Sting in WWE:

"I assume that he hasn't signed with WWE only because WWE hasn't announced it. Signing Sting would create positive news for WWE as he is a major star that WWE can monetize in a variety of ways if he comes aboard. I don't see Sting even needing to wrestle to be a viable asset to WWE if he does sign with the company. If Sting did have one match it WWE it would need to be a long build, much anticipated one that has a significant payoff at a major event more specifically WM31."


"For my money UFC has supplanted boxing as my in ring combat sport and I'm going to endeavor to attend more UFC events in 2014."

His upcoming show in Toronto:

"The Toronto media is embracing our show coming to TO on Friday May 9 at the Danforth Music Hall for one show only. I will let you know what we have planned once every thing is finalized but to say that we are going to be busy promoting the event would be an understatement.

"Tickets for the Friday May 9 event are on sale at ticketmaster.ca and only a limited number of VIP Meet and Greet tickets remain. We will do the TO Meet & Greets with photo and autograph opportunities BEFORE our show in Toronto. Our event is the night before the ROH-New Japan show in Toronto on Saturday May 10 of which I plan on attending as a fan. Because many have asked, JR's products will be available at the Danforth Music Hall show which will save all attending shipping and handling costs."

Much more is contained in Ross' latest blog, you can check out the full entry by clicking here. Also, don't forget to order some of JR's BBQ Sauce, which is great for the kitchen and the grill, at WWEShop.com by clicking here.


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