Mick Foley Praises Al Snow, Says He Could Have Become A Mainstream Star & Ambassador

Mick Foley has a new Facebook blog up where he praises Al Snow. Below is part of what he wrote:

No, this is just me taking the time to point out that Al was a uniquely talented, underutilzed wrestler and entertainer who has quietly ammased a very impressive legacy in the wrestling business.

I sincerely believe that #WWE missed the boat on Al when he was the lead trainer of #ToughEnough. On a show that extebded past the traditional wrestling demographic, Al Snow was a caring, smart, funny trainer/coach/father figure – who could clearly handle himself in the ring. If the decision had been made to truly push him as an in-ring talent, I think he could have become a mainstream star and a great ambassador for the business.

That's all; I don't want to overdo it. Maybe I'l regret writing this – since, as they say, once it's out there on social media, it's there forever. Maybe writing "In Praise of Al Snow" will haunt me for the rest of my days. But Al is a great guy, a great friend, and a credit to the business – and I thought this post might serve as a reminder of his contributions.