New WWE Network And App Features Coming Soon, WWE Debuting In A New Market, More

- Here are some more notes from the 2014 WWE Business Partner Summit that took place during WrestleMania week:

* One new international market that WWE will hold a live event in this year is Malaysia.

* WWE Studios is looking at releasing 8-10 movies this year.


* The WWE Network will be launching this spring on Amazon Fire and Xbox One, plus other connected TV's and Blu-ray/DVD players.

* The WWE App will be launching location-based services this summer. They will use the Beacons technology to improve WWE live event experiences where fans can get directions to the arena, access to merchandise deals and other perks.

* New features coming soon for the WWE Network include highlight markers so viewers can scroll to specific moments of a show, video bookmarks and personalized recommendations based on what people watch like, like on Netflix. They will also be making the Network experience more personalized with viewers having the option of marking their favorite content.