Scott Hall Remembers The Ultimate Warrior, Rapper With WWE Belt, Cracked, WWE In Reading

- In the video above WWE Hall of Famer Scott Hall remembers fellow Hall of Famer The Ultimate Warrior.

- has an article here listing "5 Scenes From History That Everyone Pictures Incorrectly." Coming in at #3, accompanied by a picture of Warrior with "Macho Man" Randy Savage, was "Gladiators Were Basically Fat Pro Wrestlers." The story said that gladiator fighting was show business, and "fights between professional gladiators were a slightly more extreme version of modern pro wrestling: scripted fights, choreographed moves, and the occasional deliberate blading to bring on the blood."

- WWE will kick off the first day of summer with a live event at Santander Arena in Reading, PA on Saturday, June 21. Tickets go on sale next Saturday, April 26, at 10 a.m.

- Rapper Wale, who got into a physical confrontation with a fan at RAW a few weeks ago, posted the following photo on his Instagram and wrote:

"No Vince McMahon but I swear I get ya Bishhhofffff"

Jonathan Flagg contributed to this article.


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