Ted Dibiase Talks Working With Daniel Bryan, His Success, If He'll Win The Belt At 'Mania, More

Earlier this week, I interviewed Ted Dibiase Jr., who discussed his time with WWE, his legendary father, the upcoming The Price of Fame documentary (which you can support on Kickstarter here) and more. During the interview, which will be published here on Wrestling INC. next week, Dibiase talked about working with Daniel Bryan in WWE and if he saw his success coming.

"I wanted it to happen for him so bad, I'm so happy for that guy," Dibiase admitted. "If there's anybody in this business that deserves to be where they are today, it's him. He's an impeccable, amazing talent... I'm just so happy for him. I can't stand his beard [laughs], but man he's a good guy. A good friend."

Dibiase noted that Bryan helped him out early in his career in Japan. While Bryan helped Dibiase in the ring, it would be Dibiase who would get signed by WWE while Bryan got the cold shoulder.

"He was in Japan the first time I went, and really held my hand and showed me the ropes. WWE turned him away twice after I had debuted, and I think they had fired him before that, and I'm like, 'how's this guy never going to get a shot?'," Dibiase said. "He just kept grinding, you know? He's the ultimate underdog, and he's just the nicest guy, he's a great guy. The success he has right now, he deserves it more than anyone."

While Dibiase worked with Bryan many times in WWE, he talked about one of their best matches never airing on television.

"One of the matches I had with him, it was in Paris and not televised," Dibiase recalled. "Christian got hurt and Arn Anderson [who was the agent] asked us to put in more time. We did like 42 minutes one night and I just remember that he just called everything. I just went in and listened to him and we just had the most fun. It was one of those nights, the crowd was just reacting to everything. He just knows, he knows how to tell a good story and he's just so humble about it. He's very humble, which I have a lot of respect for."

As for if Bryan will leave WrestleMania this Sunday with the ultimate prize, Dibiase is optimistic.

"If they don't, I'll be extremely surprised and disappointed because I just think it would be best for business, I really do," Dibiase admitted.

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