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We start off with a preview video of Eric Young winning the World Heavyweight Championship last week. The live portion of the show starts with EY heading to the ring with his TNA Championship Belt.

Great ovation for the new champ.

This belt represents a lifetime of hard work are EY's first words. Says he won the belt for him but will be a champion for the fans. Time for paper champion is over. We are gonna have fun and we are gonna do it the right way. This is going to be a party were just some of the remarks EY shared before Dixie's music interrupts.

Dixie says that there is only one person responsible for EY being champ. HER!!!

She then grabs his beard and says she is responsible for his beard and then gets in a dig about beards being her intellectual property - a clear reference to Daniel Bryan.

EY isn't having any of Dixie's remarks and has some good one liners to include telling her that he will do what he always does to crap - flush it.

Dixie tells EY that he will honor and obey her. To that, EY says there's no way he will be her paper champion. Dixie retorts with that she will give him a makeover.

Out comes Bully Ray and tell Dixie that he's out the take out the trash - Dixie. Bully says that EY is a role model for working his way up from the bottom all the way up to World Heavyweight Champion.

Bully threatens to put Dixie through a table and starts the NA NA NA NA Hey hey hey good bye chant with the crowd.

Dixie leaves and Bully gives a nice endorsement of EY and starts an EY chant.

Up next - Knockout Street Fight.

First out and accompanied by Angelina Love, it's Velvet Sky.

Next out is the Knockouts Champion Madison Rayne

Velvet Sky vs Madison Rayne in a Knockout Street Fight

As Velvet is waiting to ambush Madison with a kendo stick, Madison surprises the Beautiful People from the side. Angelina stays at ringside which makes it almost like a handicapped match since it's no DQ.

Angelina gives Velvet a trash can, but Madison ducks it and kicks it into Velvet's mid section. The champ then proceeds to wear out Velvet with the trash can until Angelina hits Madison with the kendo stick.

After hitting a huge spear on Velvet, Madison gets the 1-2-3. Kind of a quick ending for what was a good match while it lasted.

Winner of the match - Madison Rayne

Bully Ray and EY in the back talking when up walks Abyss and challenges EY to a title match tonight. EY says if they are going to do it they are going to do it right - MONSTER'S BALL!

Back from the break, it's EC3 and Rockstar Spud in the back with a goofy segment.

Then to the ring, it's MVP who starts out with a shout out to Eric Young for winning the title last week. He then turns his attention to Samoa Joe and talks about Joe being disgruntled. MVP says talk to me Joe, when Austin Aries music hits.

Aries says talk about a disgruntled employee, and lets MVP know he's been sitting on the sidelines since Lockdown. Aries discusses his version of motivate, validate and participate and says he wants some answers from MVP.

MVP says that he put Aries on the sideline because Aries turned him down on MVP's invitation to be on Team MVP at Lockdown.

The two go back and forth until MVP takes off his coat and Aries says no next week. Aries shoots and says he won't throw fists with a convicted felon, but he will wrestle him next week.

Next up it the World Tag Team Title match - The Wolves vs The Bro Mans

Will we finally see a legit title match???

The Wolves jump on the champions quickly and use excellent team work. As Taz says, The Wolves are fired up, man!

Robbie comes back on Richards and regains the momentum for the Bro Mans and now they are showing good teamwork keeping Richards on their half of the ring. Quick tags in and out and Taz says it's tag team 101.

When Edwards finally gets tagged in, he lays out both members of the Bro Mans. Edwards gives repeated chops to both of the champions. After each of the Wolves nail Robbie with off the top rope moves in comes DJ Zema with a laptop and the champions get DQ'd but retain their titles.

Winners of the match by DQ - The Wolves

To answer my own question of will we see a legit title match - that answer would be a big NO.

Several short videos of EY after last weeks big win have played throughout the night.

Next up is the 2 vs 1 match - EC3 and Rockstar Spud vs Willow

Announcers plug the video "I'm That Guy" by Sean Patrick McGraw and it features EC3 and Christy Hemme. You can see the video at ImpactWrestling.com.

Taz says that Willow's laugh scares the hell out of him every time he hears it.

Spud continues to hide behind EC3 as Willow hits the ring. Both announcers say that Spud is scared to death.

Carter starts out for his team and he and Willow go back and forth until Willow starts to get really aggressive.

Willow climbs to the top rope, but Spud sneaks up and knocks him off and EC3 then takes control. Spud then tags in for about 10 seconds and tags right back out.

Willow roles up Carter but Spud is in to break it up and then right back out of the ring again.

EC3 then takes charge and holds Willow while Spud smacks Willow in the face several times. Willow nails Spud with the Twist of Fate for a quick pin. EC3 then attacks Willow until Kurt Angle comes out and nails Carter with a big German Suplex and Carter takes off.

Winner of the match - Willow

Back from the break, Angle is on the mic and verbally throws down on EC3. He reminds him that he won a Gold Medal with a broken friggin neck. He finishes his promo against EC3 saying that it will end not with him leaving in a stretcher but a body bag - oh it's real, it's damn real.

EC3 has been warned.

Bobby Rude in the back talking about Bully Ray and says that he will put Bully through another table at Sacrifice. Roode then makes an open challenge to the locker room (except for Bully) to a tables match tonight. Says it's so that Bully can see what will happen to him at Sacrifice.

After the break it's a video of Sanada with the main topic being his best 2 out of 3 match against Tigre Uno.

On the stage, it's the King of the Night. He says he's disappointed about the new sheriff in town. He then starts dissing on the Boss and then compares himself to Derek Jeter, Peyton Manning and then says he's the LeBron James of professional wrestling. King then says he's going to commentate during the Sanada/Tigre Uno match.

Sanda vs Tigre Uno in the 2nd of 3 match series

Sanada is up 1 match to zero. King is at the announce table and tells us that Sanada and Tigre Uno are world class but they are a step behind The King of the Night.

Both wrestlers are moving super fast and each making some awesome moves when they briefly stop and the crowd gives both a cheer of approval.

There is talk of the pressure that The Great Muta has put on Sanada and the announcers think that Sanada is handling the pressure pretty well.

Tigre Uno drops Sanada on his head, climbs to the top and nails Sanada with a Sabretooth 450 to gain the win. That was one impressive move.

Winner of the match - Tigre Uno to even the series at 1 match each.

In the back Bully Ray is giving someone a pep talk about putting Bobby Roode through a table. Bully ends with Ooh Rah a Marine saying which would lead us to think it's Gunner.

After the break, Roode is in the ring saying that he is the master of the tables. He wants to know who is man enough to accept the challenge and sure enough it's Gunner.

Bobby Roode vs Gunner in a Tables Match

Tables Match Rules, pins or submissions don't matter it's whoever puts his opponent through a table that gets the win.

Lots of action on the outside of the ring. Roode takes a hard shot into the steel steps but Gunner's advantage doesn't last long. It's back and forth and back and forth. It's basically a brawl between the two intense competitors.

Neither wrestler had come very close to getting the win until Gunner hits a big suplex and then puts Roode on a table. Gunner climbs to the top rope and James Storm knocks him off the top. Roode then hits a Roode Bomb on Gunner through the table for the win.

Roode and Storm double team Gunner until Bully Ray makes the save.

Winner of the match - Bobby Roode.

We then have a video of several superstars talking about Eric Young and about him winning the belt last week.

After the break, Bully tells Gunner that it will be Gunner and Bully vs Roode and Storm.

Abyss is the first one out for the Monster's Ball Match.

Next out it's the Heavyweight Champion of the World - Eric Young.

TNA Champion Eric Young vs Abyss in a Monster's Ball Match

Weapons aren't just allowed, they are encouraged during this match. EY starts off fast against Abyss but the monster quickly takes charge of the match.

Will EY be a 1 week wonder? We'll find out after the break.

EY went for a dive through the ropes and Abyss nailed him with a trash can mid air. Abyss is firmly in control. Every time that EY gains a little momentum, Abyss cuts him off.

Abyss grabs a bag of tacks and drops them on the mat, but they don't immediately come into play. It looked like EY was going to hit a pile driver on Abyss into the tacks, but Abyss back drops the champion to save himself.

Abyss grabs Janice but EY hits Abyss with a low blow and grabs Janice and is ready to nail Abyss with his own weapon, when Abyss choke slams the hell out of EY right on the tacks with several of them sticking in the back of the champion.

Abyss grabs a barbed wire board and is about to choke slam the champion into the board when EY hits a drop kick on the monster right into the barbed wire. EY climbs to the top rope and hits a huge elbow drop on Abyss for the 1-2-3.

EY still has thumb tacks stuck in his back as he celebrates his victory, beating Abyss at his own game.

Winner of the match and still TNA Heavyweight Champion - Eric Young

To recap the night, we start off with Eric Young on the mic and him getting interrupted by Dixie Carter. Dixie tries to take credit for EY's success but he holds his own against her. Bully Ray comes out - shuts Dixie up and puts the new champ over to the crowd.

Madison Rayne wins a Knockouts Street Fight over Velvet Sky.

The Wolves defeat The Bro Mans by DQ when DJ Zema interferes. The Bro Mans keep their belts.

Willow pinned Rockstar Spud to win the 2 vs 1 match with Spud and EC3.

Kurt Angle comes out and makes the save after EC3 attacked Willow after the match. Angle says that the feud with EC3 won't end until EC3 leaves the ring in a body bag. Intense return and promo by Angle.

Tigre Uno defeated Sanada to even their series at 1 match each.

Bobby Roode put Gunner through a table to win their match.

Finally TNA Champion Eric Young defeated Abyss in a wild Monster's Ball Match.

A very solid night here on TNA Impact! This is Ed Boston, co-founder of DTRTWrestling.com thanking you for joining me here on WrestlingInc.com here again this week.