TNA Sacrifice: James Storm Vs. Gunner (I Quit Match)

- JB is backstage with James Storm for comments on tonight's I Quit Match. We also get a video package for the match.

I Quit Match: James Storm vs. Gunner

We go to the ring and out first comes James Storm. Gunner is out next to a pop.

They meet in the middle after the bell rings. They have words and Storm strikes first. Gunner fights back and they go to the corner, trading shots. Gunner tosses Storm across the ring and clotheslines him. Gunner with right hands now. Storm ends up clotheslining Gunner out to the floor and part of the barrier falls on him. Storm stomps on Gunner and tells the referee to see if he wants to quit. Storm brings over part of the steel steps and positions it. Storm with right hands and a big uppercut. Storm goes to slam Gunner into the steps but he blocks it. Storm also blocks shots. Finally Gunner slams Storm's face into the steps.

Gunner looks under the ring and brings a trash can out as Storm rolls back in the ring. Gunner throws a kendo stick and the trash can in the ring. Storm meets him with a knee to the head. Storm brings Gunner in the ring with a cutter but Gunner's not ready to quit. More offense from Storm but Gunner won't give up. Storm continues to dominate. Gunner blocks a clothesline and drops Storm. Gunner runs into a boot but drops Storm with a running high knee. Gunner with trash can lid shots now. Storm fights back with a trash can lid of his own and they beat each other with trash can lids. The crowd cheers. Gunner nails Storm with a whole trash can and he goes down.

Gunner with a diving headbutt but Storm won't give up. Gunner charges in the corner but Storm moves and Gunner's shoulder hits the ring post. Storm drops Gunner's face on the steel steps with a DDT. The crowd chants for one more and Gunner won't give up. Storm rolls him back in the ring. Storm brings a beer bottle from under the ring. Gunner gets up but Storm knocks him back down with the bottle. Fans chant for "one more beer" and Gunner won't quit. Gunner is bleeding bad from one side of his head now. Storm puts him in a Boston crab but Gunner refuses to give up. He makes it to the bottom rope and the hold is broken for some reason. Storm shove the referee across the ring and puts a boot to his neck and takes off his belt. Storm whips Gunner repeatedly with the belt but Gunner won't give up. He tells Storm to piss off. Gunner finally fights back and unloads on Storm. More back and forth. Gunner hits his finisher three times but Storm won't quit. They end up on the top. Storm headbutts Gunner back to the mat. Gunner comes right back with a big chair shot. Gunner hits a huge superplex and drops Storm on top of part of the fan barrier and a chair in the middle of the ring. Fans chant as Gunner gets to his knees. Gunner grabs a piece of glass and yells at Storm to give up or he will cut him. Gunner stabs Storm in the forehead and he gives up.

Winner: Gunner


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