Videos: Paige In Documentary, Warrior's Problems With TMZ, Nowinski On Couric, The Mountie

- WWE Divas Champion Paige and her family were featured in a documentary in 2012 called, The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family. You can watch it above.

- Although TMZ has an article or two about The Ultimate Warrior almost every day, their relationship wasn't that rosy. reader BIGTUNA212 passed along the video below that Warrior posted in 2012 where he confronted their staff after an interview about their coverage of him. You can watch it below, Warrior going off on the site starts at 4:17. Just a warning that it contains a lot of strong language.


- Former WWE Superstar Christopher Nowinski appeared on Katie Couric to talk about childrens' sports and concussions:

- Gimmick Infringement! Reds superstar first baseman Joey Votto appears as The Mountie on Intentional Talk for the Best Interview in Baseball:

John Donahue and Mike Rotgers contributed to this article.