WWE Diva Names Her New Finisher, Dusty Talks More About WWE's Talkers List, Sheik Correction

- Dusty Rhodes has been tweeting more about WWE's 50 best talkers list:

"It gets old peps not respecting my body of work !"

"Not saying Rocks not ok but next to me it doesn't matter !"

"Hard times promo is like listening to the read of gone with tha wind , song my way , but stick my finger middle in air !"


"Ok tried to stur s–t nothing happen ? Ok just proud to b on any list at my age :))#teamrhodes ! #5 is great thanks"

"My tweeters they no how really humble I am , thanks dot com !! I will leave u with this , lisp over came ! :))"

- In a correction from earlier, The Iron Sheik was backstage for Friday night's WWE live event in Toronto, not Saturday's live event in Louisville.

- We noted before that WWE was asking talents to come up with names for their finishing moves. Rosa Mendes revealed on Instagram that she has a new submission called Rosa's Thorn. Below is a photo of her using the hold on Natalya at a live event this weekend: