WWE Live Event Results From Louisville, KY (4/26): John Cena Teams With RVD, Batista - Sign Guy

Thanks to WrestlingINC.com readers Douglas & Lynne Bennett and Joe and for sending in these results from last night's WWE live event in Louisville, Kentucky:

A video package aired with Damien Sandow demanding the crowd show a different attitude towards him. When he came out, all he got was the usual heat.


* Big E and Mark Henry defeated Damien Sandow and Brodus Clay

* Kofi Kingston beat Titus O'Neil twice. Kofi rolled him up at the bell for the pin. Titus then yelled and begged for a rematch, which Kofi gave him. Titus gained control at first, then Kofi came back and rolled him up for the pin again. As Kofi was headed to the back, Titus tried to get another rematch, but to no avail.

* Alexander Rusev w/ Lana def Zack Ryder with the camel clutch.

* Nikki Bella beat Alicia Fox with Aksana as ref. This was a "fan's choice" match with fans voting for a regular match over a divas dance off. Aksana kept doing slow counts on Nikki and fast counts for Alicia. Finally Nikki helped Aksana with the count and won the match.


* Cesaro beat Sin Cara. No Paul Heyman. The swing got a big pop.

* Bad News Barrett beat Tyson Kidd

* Dolph Ziggler beat Alberto Del Rio in a great match and what was probably match of the night

* Sheamus beat Batista by DQ. After the match, Sheamus planted Batista with a Brogue kick. Before the match, the WWE sign guy and Batista got into it with Batista yelling at him, and then grabbing his hat and trying to rip it up.

* John Cena, Big Show and RVD beat the Wyatt Family in the main event after Luke Harper took all 3 faces' finishers. Good match with the Wyatts tagging in and out throughout the whole match. Big Show started the match before handing off to RVD with Cena finishing the match to a huge pop. No anti-Cena crowd here.

Good crowd for a solid house show, huge pops for Cena and pretty much all the faces as well as the Cesaro Swing. About 4000 in attendance the floor and lower arena on 3 sides was 90+ percent full and the second level had some seats full in a 14,000 seat arena.