WWE's Must See Warrior Doc Airing On National TV?, Sitcom Episode Dedicated To Warrior

- If you haven't seen it yet or heard from other fans, the Ultimate Legend documentary about The Ultimate Warrior on the WWE Network is a must see. People within WWE have been raving about the special and there's a push to try and get it on national TV, perhaps the USA Network. People are saying they can't believe something so good was produced in such a short turnaround time.


- We noted before that Adam F. Goldberg, creator of ABC sitcom The Goldbergs, has been planning a pro wrestling themed episode for the show. Goldberg has been tweeting Stephanie McMahon and Vince McMahon for photo approval because he wanted to do an Ultimate Warrior tribute on the same episode that will feature pro wrestling. Goldberg tweeted today that someone introduced him to Steve Wilton of Warrior Entertainment and that episode will now be dedicated to Warrior. No word yet on when it will air.